Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review MAC Mineralized Rich Lipstick

I honestly did not think that my MAC order would come today since it's snowing heavily here in Northern VA, but it did and so I've decided to do a review after I tried the lipsticks on. FYI I will be adding updates to any past reviews if I see/come across/experience any changes with whatever product I'm reviewing about.

 So let's talk about the lipstick packaging! It has a matte plastic cap and a glossy metal bottom which houses the actual lipstick. This is not your average MAC lipstick container, oh no sir! this is magnetic! unlike the regular MAC lipsticks that simply clicks on due to the little indentation on the side.
It also has an odd shape...I'm not sure why but I actually like this packaging a lot. I think the spacious cap makes it less tedious for a klutz like me to actually cap the tip of the lipstick. Maybe it's a psychological thing, I don't know, but I will tell you this....
It's bigger than the regular MAC lipstick container. Let's see if it will survive the tornado in my bag. Hopefully the magnetic closure for this lippie is reliable. Beside the sleeker packaging, I don't see any difference as far as color pay-off. I think these Mineralized lipsticks are just creamier than the original. You can control to subtlety of the lipstick's color nicely depending on the look you're going for.

I only purchased a couple of MAC's Mineralized Rich lippies because I was interested to see any difference with the formula or finish compared to the original ones that they have. Plus, these colors in particular were rated A at, but of course I had to try them myself to see I how I feel about them.

I purchased Elegant Accent and Lady at Play. These were $22 each, a bit pricey right???

Elegant Accent
Elegant Accent is a very sweet looking pink with blue undertone. Not too light, not too dark.

Lady at Play
Lady at Play is more of a coral color. 
The top swatch is Lady at Play and the bottom is Elegant Accent. You can barely tell the difference!
However, if you look closely the top color Lady At Play is darker and not as subtle in pigmentation as Elegant Accent.

Wearing Lady At Play

Wearing Elegant Accent

Final Verdict: I think these are great colors. Perfect for Spring. The pigmentation is wonderful, goes on smoothly, it's very creamy and moisturizing. I used this on my lips WITH OUT any lip balm or lip gloss. All in all, I truly adore this lipstick and highly recommend it!

Well that's for today! Till next time =D (wearing Lady At Play)

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