Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I got my pink iPod Nano for my birthday as well as a surprise birthday party (my hubby and his family really got me good!)
I know I have been MIA but I've been sooo busy with my studies and to top it off....I HAVE SOME GREAT NEWS, but first I'd like to share my little loot from Clinique...

I went to my Macy's clinique counter and bought the Acne Solutions foundation, Acne Solutions concealer, and a gel makeup removing cleanser (picture not shown cause I forgot). I got another GWP! yayyyy
I really love the Acne Solutions foundation because it's matte, easy to blend, does not streak, smooth application, good packaging- plastic, squeezable tube (not pump) but at the same time sanitary, and it's affordable enough not to put a hole in your wallet. Also the coverage is medium to heavy, depending on how much you layer on.
What I like about the acne solutions concealer is that it gives gave coverage and it's very creamy (no need to warm up on the back of your hand).

Both of these products are great because they combat acne and any imperfections you might have.

I will do a review on the makeup removing gel cleanser because it is awesome!

Now onto my BIG NEWS!
I am proud to say that hubby and I...are expecting our first baby!...the doctor told us that based on my cycle...I am 12 weeks but I took a blood test today and tomorrow we will find out the definite weeks and due date of my baby.

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