Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Promo Codes, Coupons, Baby pics, Hair color

Who wouldn't wanna save some money? I know I do! So here are some coupons and promo codes for my lovely bloggers and readers.

e.l.f cosmetics -> 50% off studio makeup via promo STUDIOSAVE (3/15)

ULTA -> $5 off $10 online at Ulta beauty supply via checkout promo 57745, plus get 3 free samples with any order (3/31)

Victoria's Secret -> $15 off orders $100+ with promo SPRING10.

Rite Aid -> $15 off a $25 purchase with coupon Rite Aid Pharmacy Coupon (3/31)

Liz Clairborne Outlet -> 20% off entire purchase Liz Clairborne Outlet Coupon (3/15)
New York & Co. -> 30% off everything online including sale items via checkout promo 2027 (2/28)

Armani Exchange ->  $20 off $100 online via checkout promo FEBRUARY (2/28)

Estee Lauder -> Free $34 double wear makeup at your Local Estee Lauder in Saks Fifth Ave, no purchase necessary (3/07)

Ben & Jerry's -> Set your calendar for a free ice cream cone March 23rd at Ben & Jerry's (3/23)

Steve Madden -> Shoes are 15% off $50 online at Steve Madden via promo MYSHOES15 (2/28)

Famous Footware -> Get a new pair of shoes for 20% off online via promo code MARIE (2/27)

A random pic of me when I was just a bebe....from left to cousin Nelson, my sis Grace, me, my cousin Rizza, and my oldest sis Ana.
My mom and I. A lot of people say I look like my mom...what do you think?

On another note...I'm thinking of coloring my hair but hubby thinks I should keep in au natural and stay with my black hair....Any suggestions??? I colored my hair red before but it didn't look I either color it brown or black.
 So here's a pic of me with brown hair....
And here's one with black...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Clubbin' FOTN

Hey ladies just wanted to share a quick FOTD and tasteful boob cleavage courtesy of Victoria's Secret 2 for $40 push up bras! Wooot woot!

So for my look I decided to use my Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy eye shadow trio palette. It's like the smokey palette looking one. I used the light beige color for my brow bone high light and tear duct area. Then I used the brown as my all over lid (a little bit above the crease). Lastly, I applied the black/gray color on my crease, outer V, and lower lash lines. I used MAC fluidline in Blacktrack to line my top and bottom lash lines as well. For my face foundation, I mixed Revlon PhotoReady and Colorstay foundations to match my skin color. I then used my sculpt and shape contouring powder and one of my milani powders for an added depth and contour to my face. I skipped on blush for this FOTD.

 Some Bailey pix just cause. . .


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Army of MAC lippies + Gaga Vs

Hey I decided to do a comparison swatch of the Lady Gaga lipstick that came out and show you guys my MAC lippie collection.
*Click the pics for a larger view*
Top Row (left to right)
Electro (lustre), Del Rio (Satin), Strapless (Lustre), Ramblin Rose (Frost), Creme D' Nude (Cremesheen), Bubbles (Glaze), and Viva Glam V (Lustre)
Bottom Row (left to right)
Impassioned (Amplified), Way to Love (Lustre), Lollipop Loving (Glaze), Hot Gossip (Cremesheen), Sweetie (Lustre), Angel (Frost), and Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre)
(Without flash)
Top Row (left to right)
Electro (lustre), Del Rio (Satin), Strapless (Lustre), Ramblin Rose (Frost), Creme D' Nude (Cremesheen), Bubbles (Glaze), and Viva Glam V (Lustre)
Bottom Row (left to right)
Impassioned (Amplified), Way to Love (Lustre), Lollipop Loving (Glaze), Hot Gossip (Cremesheen), Sweetie (Lustre), Angel (Frost), and Viva Glam Gaga (Lustre)
(With flash)
 Nudes, Reds, and Orange Lipsticks
Pink colored lippies.
Impassioned, Way to Love, Lollipop Loving, Hot Gossip, Sweetie, Angel, and Viva Glam Gaga

From left to right-- Angel, Gaga and Hello Kitty Pink Fish lip conditioner
I apologize for the blurriness of the above picture, but as you can see Gaga is lighter than Angel and it's very similar to Pink Fish but still lighter than Pink Fish.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lil' Black Box of MAC

So I'm back again with my lil' MAC haul. I haven't been buying anything from the new MAC collections because I have SOOOOOO much makeup from the previous collections. The only thing I hit pan on is the concealers I have from MAC, other than that everything I got from the old collections are still semi-virgins.

I got a foundation pump for my Studio Fix Foundation.

The one item that I just had to get was the new Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lippie. . . 
Gorgeous bubble pink lippie. . . my new fave. I really like this pastel pink color and compared to my MAC Angel lippie, this gives just the right amount of pink without looking too washed off or nude. 

Ta-ta for now ladies. =D

Hauls + Post-Vday pics

Hey ladies! Hope you all had an awesome Valentine's Day with your loves. 
So here are some pics of my haul from last week. I hauled my arse off! Heheheheh. Got me some really cute Darkness falsies from H-Mart...L'Oreal Hip, Revlon, and Milani products that were like $2 each cause it was on sale for 75% off. I love my CVS! (Unfortunately, not all CVS branches are the same..I must have went to 5 different CVS locations looking for the green 75% off sticker. LoL)

So first off is my H-Mart haul....
Of course I couldn't leave without getting some snacks!

This was really cool! Honey in a jar with a honey comb inside!
 This stuff is so good...Mayo with Horse Radish. I like to use it when I make sushi..

Here's my haul from CVS
I got the Revlon Photo Ready foundation to see what all the hubub is about...I mean is it really that good?! Had to try it for myself.
 I was looking for a good hair mask and I came across a few but this just seemed more promising than the rest, which was a small selection of hair mask products.
 I got some Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer & Highlighter duos...these were around $2 each.
 L'Oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paints! I got whatever was left. . .I looked for different shades at other stores but it was sold out! I was lucky to get all these at the store near my house.

 It reminds me so much of MAC paints.
It comes with a little applicator brush and a small well were you can dispense the paint.
This is just to compare it's size from an average MAC lippie.
It has a creamy texture and it's easy to smooth out on the skin.
I tried to wipe it off with baby wipes...
 But it barely budged....a lot of the product stayed on the back of my hand. However, it can be easily taken off by simply washing your hand with soap.
 Milani Sunset duos. . . I first heard about this from Tao (iamgrape). She likes to use it as a bronzer and I just thought I'd try it for myself. The first two up top were $1 and change while the three at the bottom were $2. STEAL!

 Just a side by side comparison with MAC MSF in Petticoat


Here are some V-day pics! 
So the day before Vday we went to see the Valentine's day movie. The next day we ate lunch, NY steak & cheese! Yum...
When he came home he had a hello kitty gift bag on one hand and the steak and cheese on the other. Then on the way to the restaurant that night, I got into the car and there was a balloon, a box of chocolates, and a bouquet of pink, red edged roses!

 He got me a WD 1tb My Book! I was so happy...haha hubby knows what a nerd I am and I've been complaining about my MacBook being a slow mofo. I was really impressed that he remembered...then he was like, "it's a green box. . ." that made me laugh cause' he knows my fave color is green.
I love it! I love the fact that hubby was so practical about the gift, something that I didn't have yet and that he knows I NEED. Mind you, after getting this gift I was completely satisfied and didn't expect anything else.

 The card he got me. . . it was so cute because I got him a card that was all serious and he got me one that was silly which I thought reflected our personalities perfectly!

 The balloon he got me. . .he knows how much I love hot chocolate so this was just super sweet.

Hubby took me to a Japanese restaurant called Sakura.

Food was AWESOME!
My Saketini

After dinner we went to pick up his cousin and played pool.
I had so much fun and it was extra special because it's our first Valentine's Day together and as a married couple. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!

PEACE for now . . . all makeup addicts UNITE!

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