Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lil' Black Box of MAC

So I'm back again with my lil' MAC haul. I haven't been buying anything from the new MAC collections because I have SOOOOOO much makeup from the previous collections. The only thing I hit pan on is the concealers I have from MAC, other than that everything I got from the old collections are still semi-virgins.

I got a foundation pump for my Studio Fix Foundation.

The one item that I just had to get was the new Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lippie. . . 
Gorgeous bubble pink lippie. . . my new fave. I really like this pastel pink color and compared to my MAC Angel lippie, this gives just the right amount of pink without looking too washed off or nude. 

Ta-ta for now ladies. =D


  1. I want me some lady gaga lipstick as well! =) It looks really pretty!

  2. Nice MAC haul :) Everyone's flocking for the GAGA lippie!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love the Lady Gaga lippie. =D


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