Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcoming Baby Mia Angeline

Hey everyone! So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones. I gave birth the Monday that passed 12/20/10 to a beautiful baby girl, Mia Angeline. She weighed 8 lbs 6 oz. I had a c-section scheduled because we found on last Thursday that she was in frank breech position and I was already 39 weeks at the time. My midwife suggested doing an aversion, a procedure in which the doctor will turn the baby from the outside. There are many risks involving this technique, like the baby's placenta detaching or hemorrhaging so I obviously opted not to do the procedure. Plus, I also imagined the baby being turned with not much fluid or room. I also did research online and they said that aversion is best to be done before week 38, so it was definitely too late.

I've never been in a hospital nor have I ever had to go under the knife, so you can imagine how nervous I was when I found out I had to get a c-section. However, my nerves were the least of my concern when I found out that if I wait till I go into labor, my baby's head could get stuck which could be fatal for her. After finding this out, I was even more stressed and panicked. Being a first time parent/mom, all I could think about was my baby's safety.

Anyways, what matters is that my baby is here now. She is healthy, happy, and eats plenty! Here are some baby pics...

I will try to post again as soon as I can, although I cannot promise that it will be makeup related. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dramatic VS Simple FOTD

Hello! Just wanted to post up some pictures of a couple of looks that I've done lately...
This look was actually the result of boredom =D. I was just playing around with my L'Oreal HIP duo in Platinum 906 and this was the outcome. I really like this look but it's definitely more dramatic than my usual makeup.

You can add a little bit of vaseline on the center of your lids to give it that wet look too, but make sure you apply a bit of eye shadow or in this case, MAC reflects pearl. I put some of the reflects pearl on the middle of my lips as well.

This look is what I wear when I go to school or just to chill with family and friends. I don't really like to put too much but I do like to put just enough to brighten up my otherwise dull looking complexion and eyes.
For this look, I used my L'Oreal HIP duo in Foxy 808. This particular eyeshadow duo is my favorite one from L'Oreal HIP, because I think it's versatile enough to work for a day or night look. It comes with a matte dark brown and a pale salmon pink color.
If you want to use this eyeshadow duo for a night time look, then I suggest applying the matte brown on your lids and your lower lash line to give a smokey effect. Then take the pale salmon pink color and just add a bit to your crease.
As you can see, I simply tight lined my upper lash lines and added a bit on the outer half of my bottom lash lines (then smudged it). If you're doing a night time look, then you would definitely add more definition by lining both the lash lines and maybe even the inner rims.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Are you going to do some shopping for Black Friday? I know I am! Gotta get some stuff for baby Mia. Speaking of baby, I am 35 weeks pregnant today! Hoooray! Just a few more weeks to go!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Apothica Haul & Products to Help You Relax

Hello there! So it's been a long time since I did a post about a haul. To be honest, I barely have the energy to go to the mall these days (since being preggers) so when I do get a chance to haul, I prefer online shopping. 

Last Friday, I ordered some products from and it arrived yesterday (Monday!). I am so impressed with their fast, FREE shipping.

Included with my order were a couple of freebie items, a Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream and a Tocca perfume sample (smells great too!).
I can't wait to try this eye cream. I don't really use eye creams, but it's definitely a must have in any skincare routine because the skin around the eyes are sensitive and prone to signs of aging.

As you guys know, I am all about skincare these days and one brand that my skin has been loving is Boscia. I use the Boscia cleanser and Vital Daily Moisture (w/ SPF 15) as part of my daily skincare regimen. Since using Boscia my skin has improved dramatically and you can check out how well it has helped my skin improve by going to my previous blog post.

Anyways, I purchased the Clarifying Detox Mask, Balancing Facial Tonic, and the MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil. (Boscia products does not contain Parabens, Preservatives, Alcohols, Fragrance, and colors. Nor does the company test their products on animals. The products are 100% NATURAL). Also, on the side of the box you will see the "Best if used before" date.
Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic
PRICE: $24
SIZE: 150mL/5 fl. oz.

Boscia Clarifying Detox Mask
PRICE: $25
SIZE: Net Wt. 2.8 oz/80 g

Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil
PRICE: $25
SIZE: 150mL/5 fl. oz.

I will do a much more detailed, in depth review on each of these products later on. So far, I have used the cleansing oil and the facial tonic and I LOVE THEM.

Unlike most toners, the facial tonic is actually applied by spritzing it on to your face (much like a MAC Fix+) but you can also spritz it on a cotton pad/ball and then apply it on your face. The product has a cooling effect on the skin and leaves the skin feeling moisturized.

The cool cleansing oil is amazing! It did such a great job removing ALL my makeup (including my waterproof mascara). I basically just applied a good amount on my palm and then massaged it throughout my face. Then I rinsed it off with water. I thought it would leave my face with a greasy feeling since it is OIL but it did not do that at all. It appears like oil but once you massage it on your face it becomes a milky consistency. It has a slight minty scent to it which is relaxing to the skin.

After using the cleansing oil, I spritzed on the facial tonic. I skipped using my Clean&Clear moisturizer to test out the hydrating/moisturizing properties of this product and it held it's own! I am telling you...this tonic is very hydrating.

Speaking of mint scented sister and I went to the mall last Saturday and aside from the yummy cupcakes we purchased at Cuppies & Beans...I fell in love with these two peppermint scented products by Origins.

I can't recall exactly how much this product was (I believe around $20 something). It comes in a small pump container and has .5 fl oz. This product smells so minty. You only need to dab a little bit on the back of your neck, earlobes, and temples. It makes those areas feel cool and once the scent hits your nose, it just opens them up and you feel so relaxed and calm. I'm planning to bring this with me to the hospital when I go into labor. Hopefully, it will help me relax or distract me from the anxiety.

Another great Origins product that I got was this Salt Suds Foaming body wash ($10). This is a must have for me as well because it really helps with my swollen ankles and feet.
This is also great for those who have muscle aches.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me through e-mail ( or by simply commenting below. Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Skincare: How I Healed my Acne and Scars *PIC HEAVY*

Hello there! So before I start, I just want to say that you are about to see my bare face, without ANY makeup whatsoever, so please be kind.

I am doing this blog post because I want to tell you guys how I cleared my skin after YEARS and YEARS of struggling with acne and the scars they leave behind. I really hope this helps those of you who are having issues with your skin.

There are many factors that can lead to break outs, just as there are many names used for acne. After using sooooo many different skincare brands, I've finally found what works for me. I've struggled with acne since I was a teen. It started with having them just because I was going through puberty. I use to have bangs as a teen but I grew them out because I kept breaking out. To be honest, I actually wanted to grow my hair out and style it in a way that will hide my face.

I didn't start wearing makeup until I was 20 years old. I used it as a mask to cover the scars and blemishes that would randomly sprout from nowhere. I hated the heavy, cakey feeling that the foundation, concealer, and powder gave my face. Plus, my makeup just didn't look great in general because the little acne bumps were still showing.
Now, I won't bore you any longer with my sappy acne story, but I will show you the pictures of my gradual skin rejuvenation and give you tips along the way.

The number one tip I can give you is to drink plenty of WATER. Water hydrates your skin and is key in overall wellness.

Try not to touch, rub or scratch your face. The more you touch your face the more likely it is that you are introducing germs and bacteria to your pores, which leads to breakouts. If you must touch your face, make sure you cut your fingernails or wash your hands before doing so.

Hygiene is such an important factor in keeping your skin healthy. If your hair is dirty from a long day out, you should take a shower. Think of all the pollutants outside that can cling to your clothes. If they can cling to your clothes, then they can cling to your hair as well.

Clean what you use. Washing your bed linen is important because sleeping on dirty pillows can also cause you to have pimples the next day. If you use makeup, it is imperative that you wash your brushes and sanitize your hands before applying makeup. Bacteria likes moisture so it is very important to particularly wash those foundation brushes and if you're feeling lazy then just use a sponge and chuck it after each use.
Try not to panic and experiment with so many skincare products. The hype is not always true. You just have to think logically when trying out a new product. Research the ingredients if you must and read all the reviews about it and pay attention to the negatives just as you would with the positives.

You should treat yourself with an at home facial once in a while. The Laneige strawberry yogurt scrub, Mint Julep Mask, and Grape Seed Mask are my favorites.
When choosing a product, I have learned to avoid the following..anything that contains harsh ingredients like alcohol, scrubs like St. Ives Apricot (the shape of the seeds in this product can cause your skin to scar and break), and SKINCARE products that have shimmer.
I wash my face DAY and NIGHT. Never sleep with makeup on your face because your pores need to breathe through the night. A clogged up pore will only lead to a breakout the next day.

Natural olive oil is also a good makeup remover, especially for your eye makeup. When picking a good makeup remover, I recommend going for one that does not have oil (unless olive oil) in it. Instead, pick out one that has a lotion type of of texture. This way, you not only remove your makeup but you are also moisturizing your delicate eye areas.
Use a makeup primer before applying your foundation. Not only does this help your foundation last and prevent it from oxidizing, but it also creates a barrier between your foundation and pores. I like using my NARS primer (without SPF) because it helps improve the skin.
I currently use the following products...
DAY: Boscia Cleanser, Boscia Vital Daily Moisture w/ SPF 15, NARS Primer
NIGHT: Boscia Cleanser and Clean&Clear SOFT Oil-free moisturizer (the one specifically for Night)
I use vaseline for my lips.
As soon as I get home and if I have no where else to go for the day, I remove my makeup with my Kracie Naive Makeup Cleansing Milk w/ Rose Hip and then I apply my Clean&Clear moisturizer.

I do not use any toners at the moment but I will soon try the Boscia toner since the brand is working so well with my skin.
Also, once in a while (due to stress or hormones) I do get a pimple or two, so what I do is apply ZAPZYT on that particular blemish at night and the next day it will either be gone or will diminish in size. This is my HG pimple healer and it has never failed me. I think it is better to concentrate only on the problem rather than applying the product all over your face. This way you can avoid drying up your entire face, especially if you have combination skin. 
I hope you all find my tips useful and if you have any questions feel free to just leave them on the comment box below or e-mail me at

Also just to add...I use to think that makeup is the solution and that all I have to do is put it on and voila! no more imperfections. However, this old mindset of mine changed and had to change because having a good "canvas" is essential to GREAT makeup application. It's also better in the long run because you save a lot of money. If you need less coverage, you will need less products.

So finally, I leave you all with this one tip that is a must to follow...

No matter what imperfection you may have or even if you have the softest, smoothest skin...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FOTD: Fall Inspired Makeup Look

Well hello there! I am just now getting home from school and this was my look for today. I wore my green Hollister scarf (my fave) and decided.."hmmm...I'm going to put a pop of green in my eye makeup today instead of the regular neutrals that I wear to school."
  • So first I primed my eyes using Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). 
  • Then as a second base I used MAC paint pot in Moss Scape. 
  • Using a flat brush, I applied UD e/s in Suspect (from my UD<3NYC BOS palette) as the main wash of color on my lids and crease. 
  • From the same palette, I applied Kush e/s on my lids (only). 
  • To add depth and dimension, I took the e/s Buck from my UD Naked palette and applied it on my crease. 
  • I also applied a bit of the e/s Perversion (UD<3NYC BOS Palette) on my crease.
  • I tight lined using my MAC power point pencil in Engraved and used this to line my upper and lower lash lines (halfway).
  • For my lower lash lines, I used UD e/s in Loaded and just smudged this halfway from the outer corner. 
  • I used UD e/s in Virgin (UD Naked Palette) as my brow bone and tear duct highlighter. 
  • I curled my lashes and then applied my CG lashblast fusion mascara.

I used MUFE HD foundation and concealed my under eyes with my MAC studio sculpt concealer. I normally skip concealer whenever I go to school, but I've been having really bad insomnia lately due to my pregnancy. I have so many emotions running through me every day and the nights are the worse because that's when my baby kicks and does her little acrobatic stunts. LoL

For my blush I used MAC Peachykeen and to set everything, I used my Chanel powder in 30 Naturel. Lastly, I applied my EOS lip balm and jetted out the door!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week, if not then it's good to know it's halfway over right?! ^_^
Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Demo & Review Kracie Naive Makeup Cleansing Milk Rose-Hip

The Product: Kracie Naive Makeup Cleansing Milk Rose-Hip

Quantity: 250 mL

The Price: $7.55 (online), though I believe I purchased it for a higher price at Mitsuwa super market.

Rose-Hip is great for treating and healing from...
  • Scars, including acne scars and old scars
  • Dry eczema
  • Skin burns, including sunburn
  • Rehydrates dry skin
  • Repair damaged skin cells of all sorts
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Benefit for dry, mature, aging skin
For more info on Rose-Hip

CONS: It's rather difficult to find this product. I had to really search for it online but I found only one place that sells it.

To Repurchase or Not to Repurchase: Yes, I would repurchase this product again because it is not over priced and still effective in removing makeup.

The Verdict: This product is great because it removes waterproof makeup without being too harsh on the skin. You can pretty much skip using eye makeup remover because just washing the face thoroughly with this cleansing milk is enough to remove even waterproof mascara. After using this product, my skin felt clean with a bit of tightness but not dry. It's very gentle and has a mild rose smell.

I used the following products to test out the makeup removing abilities of the Kracie Naive Cleansing Milk...
1) Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Foundation 
2) MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
3) Covergirl Lashblast Waterproof Mascara (notoriously known for not being easily removed)
4) Stila smudge pot

Here are the swatches

I applied water

 Look at how silky the product looks on the back of my hand

You can see that the makeup was coming off efficiently. Click the pictures for a bigger view
 I love  how the foundation looked like it was just melting off.

The makeup was removed easily with only a tiny bit of residue from the CG lashblast mascara leftover.

You can see that there was still a hint of that mascara left.

I used my KOSE Softymo Super Point Makeup Remover (purchased from Mitsuwa or online here) to see if there was any makeup left

Well...other than that little bit of mascara, everything else was removed.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this review and if you have any questions feel free to send me an e-mail or simply leave it as a comment to this post. Thanks for stopping by!

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