Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dramatic VS Simple FOTD

Hello! Just wanted to post up some pictures of a couple of looks that I've done lately...
This look was actually the result of boredom =D. I was just playing around with my L'Oreal HIP duo in Platinum 906 and this was the outcome. I really like this look but it's definitely more dramatic than my usual makeup.

You can add a little bit of vaseline on the center of your lids to give it that wet look too, but make sure you apply a bit of eye shadow or in this case, MAC reflects pearl. I put some of the reflects pearl on the middle of my lips as well.

This look is what I wear when I go to school or just to chill with family and friends. I don't really like to put too much but I do like to put just enough to brighten up my otherwise dull looking complexion and eyes.
For this look, I used my L'Oreal HIP duo in Foxy 808. This particular eyeshadow duo is my favorite one from L'Oreal HIP, because I think it's versatile enough to work for a day or night look. It comes with a matte dark brown and a pale salmon pink color.
If you want to use this eyeshadow duo for a night time look, then I suggest applying the matte brown on your lids and your lower lash line to give a smokey effect. Then take the pale salmon pink color and just add a bit to your crease.
As you can see, I simply tight lined my upper lash lines and added a bit on the outer half of my bottom lash lines (then smudged it). If you're doing a night time look, then you would definitely add more definition by lining both the lash lines and maybe even the inner rims.
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Are you going to do some shopping for Black Friday? I know I am! Gotta get some stuff for baby Mia. Speaking of baby, I am 35 weeks pregnant today! Hoooray! Just a few more weeks to go!


  1. Be careful going shopping, I know sometimes people can get a little intense and quite pushy when shopping. :p Make sure you don't let anyone attack you for a cute onesies. Lol

    And I like both makeup looks on you. I know the dramatic look is really pretty on you, but I think I prefer the simple look more. Just because that's how I'm used to seeing you and I think you're just naturally really pretty :)

  2. Awww thanks Dana. You're too sweet! I actually painted a picture in my head of people acting like football players for Black Friday! LoL I'm probably just gonna wait for hubby to be on the safe side. I like the simple looks too. How are your studies? I hope everything is going well. I know nursing school can be challenging but I have no doubt in my mind that you will succeed. =D

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