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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h Foundation Review

This is my honest opinions about this product. . . . 

I am a 410 Bisque (Warm) for Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation. I will start off by first saying that I have only been using this foundation for almost a week so my results are not actually of long term duration but I have used this for long hours and in different types of temperature/climate conditions.

I am acne prone and I have sensitive skin but this foundation DID NOT break me out. I have tried using this with and without a primer. Personally I think having a little bit of primer is important to keep your face from looking too dry or matte. I have combination skin so I mostly apply my primer (NARS primer, the one in a white tube) on my t-zone (forehead, nose, and down to chin) and a significant amount of primer on my cheeks.

I have also used powder on top of this foundation but I found that it looked too dry and the makeup just looked too heavy and obvious, which is one of my peeves. So I spritzed some MAC fix + and it helped but it made my skin look too dewey (maybe I over did it. Lol).

I know I have mentioned before that this is a foundation that you can layer to get a full coverage but I HIGHLY and STRONGLY discourage using a lot of this foundation because it will look like a mask and just very un-natural.

You only need very little of this, yes that is true but because it is a quick-drying foundation and it is not as emollient, the foundation is somewhat difficult to disperse around your face in an even manner, so I recommend doing one area at a time.


I still think that the original formula was BETTER than this new one. It's easy to feel like you are wearing foundation with this one unlike the older version. This foundation is very mattifying so unless you have very oily skin, I would not recommend this for you.

I used this yesterday when I was hiking under 90 something degree heat and it did hold up against sweat and heat but I notice that it did melt off slightly. The longest I had this on was 13 hrs..and when I took of my makeup, I noticed that there was not much of the foundation left to even take off because like I said, some of it melted off.

Also, this foundation OXIDIZES (turns dark after application). I haven't really had any foundation that doesn't oxidize on me later on even when I wear an oil control moisturizer prior to I don't really know what else to tell you guys. If you do have some suggestions about foundation oxidizing and how to prevent, oh do share! I am going to see if I should exchange for a lighter shade because I think this color is too dark for me. I am usually between MAC NC 30 - 35 by the way.

I have terrible acne scars on my cheeks but you can see that this foundation does not cover it completely. It does sheer out the redness but this is a pic of me after a LIGHT application of the foundation.

Full face photo wearing Lancome Teint IDole Ultra 24h foundation. The foundation is great for covering redness but not hyperpigmentation due to acne. I suggest using a full coverage concealer before applying the foundation.

The above pic was taken at the park with natural lighting.
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  1. Hi Jules!! Long time no comment :D how are you? How's your baby? :) Oohhh great that the foundie didn't break you out. Haven't use a foundation for a long time. I usually use BB cream now. i broke out 2 months ago and my skin is still healing.

  2. Hey Iyah. I knowwwww omg I've been so busy with school and well being a wifey and mommy. Baby Mia is doing well, she's walking around, dancing her lil' heart out, and calls me Ma. I've thought about going back to BB creams but I have yet to find one that matches my skin tone and I still have acne scars so gurl I need my medium to full coverage. Don't you just hate breaking out and it almost always happens right around the time when you don't want it to. Ugh the irony!


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