Friday, May 11, 2012

Sephora Haul + Mini Review of Lancome 24 hr Foundation

Now I know it's been a while, but man I can't make excuses...all I have to say is Nursing school is hard and sucks up all your time. I'm on a much deserved break right now and I'm enjoying every minute of it because I get to spend time with my daughter and hubby.

So I hauled a couple of things from Sephora recently and above is a picture of my loot. I purchased the Toki Doki pencil case (for school or makeup) and the new, re-formulated Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation.
 My 3 free samples

I used a code to get all these sample perfumes. I apologize in advance but I cannot remember what the code is, so please do look it up at the sephora website or at retailmenot.

I have heard so much about Argan oil and it's benefits so you can imagine how excited I was to be able to finally try it out for myself. What I love about this oil is that it's a multi-purpose product that can be used on your hair (for split ends or dry hair), face, and body. I used it yesterday in hopes of taming the dry, frizzy ends of my hair and it worked like a charm! So definitely look forward to a more official review of this. By the way, I got this as a Beauty insider 100 point perk.

I'm sure you were wondering what in the world is in the pretty pink sephora bag. Well I got this as a 500 point perk only because it has all the products that I either like or is interested in trying out. It comes with a nice sized Makeupforever HD powder, UDPP, Sephora primer, Anastasia clear brow gel, Smashbox illuminating primer, and a Lancome mascara primer.

 I also bought this Toki Doki pencil case. This was actually on sale for $9 and trust me when I say, there is nothing cheap about this item. It's very sturdy and I love the detailing. It has a gold, white, and black outer design and the inner lining is a very pretty gold and pink pattern. I originally wanted to use this for school pens and pencils but I thought, this thing is too pretty for ink stains! so I've decided to just use it as a makeup on-the-go bag (as if I don't have enough of those! lol)

Now on to my review. . . .

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h
Price: $44 USD 
Amount: 1 oz.
Packaging: Frosted bottle with a pump + cap

I was very hesitant to purchase this because I just fell in love with the older formula of this and the switch was...well it was rather difficult. Anyways, being an open minded person that I am, I decided to go for it and try it out. 

Right before trying this, I had that mentality of how would this product compare to the older formula. I kept this in mind as I poured the foundation onto the back of my hand. 
In a matter of seconds, I saw that it was actually not that different. 

It dried to a semi-matte finish, however did not emphasize my pores or lines (and yes I said lines because when you smile, you do have lines in your face, not necessarily because you are old but because your skin is normally with lines, why if you told me you had no lines on your face I would seriously drive to where you are in pure disbelief and check to see if your one a mannequin or two an alien from outer space! HAHAHA)

Anyways, it has a medium buildable coverage and the consistency of the foundation is smooth. People say that it has a rose scent to it but I didn't get that at all and I won't even bother smelling the bottle (fear of contaminating the product). Maybe some people just have a more sensitive nose.

My final thoughts on the product. . . .
I really like this product. I don't love it (yet) because I'm still mourning the older version of this foundation. It's being discontinued....*weeps* 
So far though, I like the coverage and if you use a finishing spray or some fix plus after applying this foundation, you will get a dewey glowy finish. It definitely gives you a flawless look! 


  1. What a good haul. You know, I've always likes, but never loved anything lancome.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I've been trying to be good with hauling since I've thrown out soooo much of my makeup because they went bad before I could use them up. Lancome's products are very hit or miss for me and if I do end up with a miss then sucks for me for shelling out so much money.


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