Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The First US Drugstore BB Cream and More!

Hello there. *smile* So here I am with a makeup haul, a review, and an update. Above is a picture of my latest haul from Walmart. Garnier Skin Reniew BB Cream in Medium/Dark, Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover lotion, and Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes.

I ran out of eye makeup remover (Ponds Bio-Hydrating Dual Cleansing Lotion) and went back to Neutrogena eye makeup remover lotion (also hydrating). Although I really liked the Ponds cleansing lotion, I feel that there are times when it left my eye feeling greasy. However, after using my new Neutrogena eye makeup remover, I can honestly say that I think I like the Ponds one more! Although the greasy feeling is absent with Neutrogena's eye makeup remover lotion, it doesn't remove my eye makeup (especially waterproof mascara) as good as the Ponds Bio-Hydrating Dual Cleansing Lotion.

I also purchased a pack of Neutrogena Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes because I ran out of my Mandom Cleansing Express Lotion (sebum - for Oily/normal skin). These wipes do a great job at removing face makeup but I don't like the citrus (grapefruit?) scent! It's quite overpowering in my opinion and definitely makes me not want to use this product. I know there is a plain/unscented version of these wipes available in the market today, but I feel bad wasting money on this product. I'm going to use it up as much as I can but the future is dim for these wipes.

On a happier note, I recently went to NJ to visit my sister and stopped by Mitsuwa Japanese Market. I was soooooo happy because I got to eat some yummy food and also buy my FAVE makeup remover, Mandom Cleansing Express Lotion. I should have bought two because they were on SALE...oh well I guess that's another excuse to makeup a spontaneous trip to good ol' Jersey.

Today I am reviewing Garnier's new BB Cream! Yes that's right. BB creams have finally hit the drugstores. The tube contains 2.5 fl oz of product and the prices vary depending on where you purchase this.

This product has light to medium coverage. It gives a dewey look to the skin, but I think the color is hard to match. It has a pink undertone when it dries, which will definitely look off for olive, golden toned complexions.

In comparison to the BB creams I currently own (L'EGERE White Multi BB Cream and L'EGERE Water Drop Shiny Pearl BB Cream) the Garnier BB cream has a thinner, more liquified consistency.
I like that it has SPF 15 but because it doesn't match my skin, I see this purchase as a mistake not to be repeated.

I hope this review helps those of you who are thinking of trying out this product. Thanks for stopping by my blog! =)

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