Sunday, March 11, 2012

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

 Hey there. So to cut to the chase...I purchased the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV despite the many negative reviews I've heard about this palette. Although the negatives outweigh the positives about this product, I decided to purchase it anyways because of the eye shadows and extra doo-dads that came with the palette.
 This BOS came with a small travel speaker, with connectors.
 The speaker is eh...okay...not the absolute best. Might as well stick with your cell phone's speaker, plus the ipods these days have their own built in speaker so I don't really know what you might use this for.
On the flap is a small mirror, butterfly embellishments, a card with instructions on how to view their free makeup videos.
 Also included are a black liquid eye liner, a mascara, and a small tube of primer potion.
 The colors are mostly neutrals, but nothing to exciting. The only vibrant color is Blue Bus which I am sure has a long lost doppelganger eye shadow out there somewhere.

All in all, I give this BOS a 3 out of 5
The eye shadows are pigmented
It comes with many extras
The packaging is the WORSE and it's very hard to pull out the eye shadow tray because the little speaker tends to snag (so better to remove it)
I would also prefer a bigger mirror and brushes as extra instead of a speaker.

That's it for now! Tah-tah!

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