Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MAC Prolongwear Foundation and Concealer Review

Hello there! So I just wanted to do a quickie blog post on my current face makeup routine. This is what I do almost every day of the week and I will list each product and provide more detail as I go.

The first picture above is showing the core or main products that I use.

MAC Oil Control Lotion 

        This moisturizer is not at all greasy or thick. It's very light yet hydrating enough for dry skin. It doesn't break me out. It doesn't have any SPF.
        I like this oil controlling moisturizer because it does a good job keeping the oils at bay. I usually use this as both my moisturizer and primer. Although it's not really a primer, I find that using this with MAC's Prep and Prime actually makes me oily (over 10 hours of wear). The most important thing is that there is a barrier between my face and the foundation.

 MAC Pro Longwear Foundation (NC 35)

 I was hesitant to try this foundation at first because past MAC foundations has made me break out with pimples, but after hearing how well it covers and it's lasting powers, I just had to try it for myself. I like that it doesn't transfer onto clothes (unless you vigorously rub it on your clothes) and it truly does last for at least 8 hrs. It has SPF 10 which is definitely a plus, not too much or too little; just enough SPF to protect from rays without giving you a white cast on photos.

         I can't really find anything wrong with this foundation. It gives great coverage, medium to full and can double as a concealer in that it's build-able. It has a thinner, less emollient consistency compared to MAC Studio Fluid foundation so it's great for people with Normal to Oily skin types. I'm not sure if it would work well with people who already have dry skin because it may emphasize dry areas even more. I think if you were a good moisturizer/primer beforehand then it should work out just fine.

 How I apply...
You can use whichever method of application you prefer, sponge/brush/fingertips. I personally like using a brush. I pump some foundation/concealer on my wrist.

Did you know that the wrist area is warmer than the back of your hand! Also, when checking for fever, try using your lips instead of your arm/back hand/wrist because it's more sensitive to heat plus your love one gets an added bonus of getting a smooch from you.

 Using a flat top brush or a regular foundation brush, I apply the foundation, first dabbing it on my face, outward strokes, and then buff to blend it out. You can also use a 109 brush which is a dense contouring brush. I do one area at a time because this foundation has the tendency to dry quickly.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NC 35)

       This is a medium to full coverage type of concealer. I have used this both as an under eye concealer and as a regular spot concealer. I personally think that this is BEST as a spot concealer. It creases under the eyes and makes the under eye skin somewhat sticky/tacky. If you powder the under eye area after applying this, you're bound to get some creasing. I really do not recommend this for under the eyes because of the consistency, which is unfortunate because it does a great job at brightening and evening out under the eyes.

MAC MSF (Medium Plus)

        This is completely optional but I like to use this as a setting powder. It's really more like a security blanket for me since I tend to get oily. Also, by adding powder after foundation (skip Fix +) the finished face looks more natural.

My final step is a generous spritzing of Fix + spray from MAC. This is a great finishing spray that adds that oomph!

The finish look is dewey with luminance....

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  1. YOu look great. YOur skin looks really good. I've never tried those products before.

  2. I found this post as I have literally just come back from buying Mac concealer so thought it would be good to read all about it too. Get a few tips and tricks. I'm so excited now, you've given me a lot to think about. Thanks :) xx

    Heroine in Heels


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