Saturday, March 3, 2012

MAC Pro Longwear and Chen Man Makeup

Hey there! So I went to MAC recently with the intention of buying a few (and I use this word loosely) products from their newest collection, Chen Man. It's really different when you see and swatch the items IN PERSON. The lipstick that I initially wanted was way to vibrant for my taste, but I kept trying to find an excuse to still purchase it because it would be a unique color to add to my lipstick collection, but I was good and ending up skipping it. Instead, I went for the more subtle glosses that I knew would be more wearable.

Here are a few pictures!
The two plushglass lip glosses are beautiful and have just enough pigmentation IMO (in my opinion). The packaging is simple, which I think is great because the focal point is more the product than anything else.
These will definitely be perfect colors for the spring and summer!!
I love how vibrant the colors are. They are the most pigmented plushglasses I own to date.
I have a new face makeup routine! I finally decided to give MAC foundations another shot. I loved the Fix Fluid foundation but my face just didn't love it. I would break out whenever I used it, though I will never forget how good the coverage looked. 
I purchased the Pro Longwear foundation and concealer in NC 35 because I noticed that after clinicals or school, my foundation is either gone or has melted off and there's really no real rhyme or reason for this to happen because it's winter. 
I was using Lancome Teint Idole Ultra before I made the switch. I have only worn my Pro Lonwear foundation for 2 days and so far, I really like it! 
I also bought an oil controlling moisturizer. I've been told by the MAC MUA that I should use a primer and a moisturizer with the Pro Longwear foundation/concealer but I don't know if this is more so I can buy more or if it's really needed. Her reasoning was because the foundation is a longwearing kind. 
Hmmm...anyways, I decided to try it out with just the Oil Control moisturizer because the less product I put on my face (pre-foundation) the less of a chance my foundation will slip off and more of a chance for it to last longer!

1) MAC Oil Control Moisturizer
2) MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
3) MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
4) MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Powder in Medium Plus
5) Fix Plus

I will do a separate and more proper review on the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation and Concealer, but so far it's promise of longwear is definitely a fact, it hasn't broken me out (and you know I am uber senstive), and it doesn't rub off on clothes.

I LOVE MAC Mineralized Skinifinish Natural powders, I own three at the moment...Medium Dark, Medium, and Medium Plus (most recent purchase). Medium Plus is the perfect in between color but I can contour with the Medium Dark and high light with the Medium color (more natural effect).

After using the mineralized powder (medium plus) on top of the MAC Pro Longwear foundation/concealer I noticed that it doesn't look cakey or dry at all. However, you can definitely go without the powder. I just like to use it because it's an added insurance for me in case I get oily later on the day.

I also bought my favorite eye liner ever...MAC Power point pencil in Engraved. This baby is my HG eye liner because it has the intensity of a kohl eye liner minus the rubbing or smudging off. I mainly use this for tight lining so I could look more awake for those 3 hour sleep days. 

On a more personal note, school has been real hectic these past couple of weeks. It seems like there is a quiz and a test each week. I just finished my third clinical rotation and next week I start at the OB floor and then Peds in between. I will be done this July, which seems like forever but time is going by quickly so it's not so bad. Well I guess that's it for now. Be bloggin again soon! Take care 


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  1. Hello Jules! What a great haul. I never keep up with MAC but I enjoy seeing MAC hauls from fellow blogger friends lol.

    Hang in there Jules. School is tough and stressful, but it will be all worth it in the end. I hope everything is great with your little family :)


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