Monday, August 19, 2013

NYX Brow Cake Review

Product: NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

Price: $5.99 (Ulta *check for discount price!)

Quantity: 2.65g

Packaging: Simple, lightweight black and clear plastic. The clear top is nice so you see the color well.

Comes in 6 different shade combos - Black/Grey, Dark Brown/Brown, Taupe/Ash, Auburn/Red, Brunette, Blonde (above pictured is in the shade Brunette).

There's an off-white wax that goes on clear, two different shades of brow powder, a spooly brush, and a stiff angled brow brush.

I used the brow brush and spooly and they are good quality, so this is great to throw in your bag for when you're in a rush to go but forget to do your brows or for general travel.

How it you can see I've tried several different brow powders. My go-to brow powder is the MAC brow shader in Maple/Soft Charcoal. I've had this for years and I've obviously barely hit pan. I only use the brow powder in soft charcoal because the maple color (lighter color) is more for highlighting the brow bone. Unfortunately, this is no longer being sold by MAC. You can most likely purchase this at a Cosmetic Company Outlet or online.

I've also tried the e.l.f studio eyebrow kit. It is $3.00, comes in 4 different shades, available online and at free-standing stores such as Walmart and Target. This one comes with a dual-ended brush, which is now loss in space somewhere. What's different about this one is the pigmented wax. The brow powder is suppose to compliment and set this colored wax but I find that it's too light.

Now onto my comparisons---
First the packaging...
   The e.l.f studio brow kit comes in a sturdy compact that has a small clear window so you can see the colors prior right off the bat and when you open the compact there is a small mirror convenient for application. It closes shut nicely and locks well so no worries about it opening suddenly while in your purse and making a mess.

   The NYX eyebrow cake has a lighter packaging compared to e.l.f You see everything inside because of the clear compact closing, but does not have a mirror. It closes shut nicely as well, but not as tightly as the e.l.f one.

   The MAC brow shader is simple. The packaging is smaller but there is more product inside. I've had this for years and never had any issues with the packaging. There is no mirror, no place of extras like a spooly, wax, or brush. It's just the powders.

The pigmentation of the e.l.f studio brow powder and wax are about the same as the NYX. I'm not sure if it's because of the MAC brow powder goes on softer and is definitely more pigmented than the other two.

The MAC brow shader, depending where you purchase is the most expensive of the three. If you go to the CCO, I think it goes for $11 but Amazon sells it for about $20. The other two are inexpensive and comes with all sorts of extras, however you do get less brow powder compared to the MAC.

Excuse my bare face (sans makeup except for the brows), I am wearing the NYX brow cake in the above picture. Since it's not as pigmented, you can see that it does give a softer look to the brow. The way I applied it is by first applying the wax and then the powder to set it.

The above picture shows my brow with the e.l.f studio brow kit. It looks about the same as the NYX. The only difference is that I ONLY used the tinted wax from the e.l.f studio brow kit. This is without setting it with the brow powder that it comes with.

Here's an old picture of me using the MAC Brow shader. I apply the brow powder and then set it with a brow gel to get this result. I think although this brow powder is darker and more pigmented compared to the NYX and e.l.f, once I apply the brow gel it lightens it a bit and actually takes away the excess pigment.

I hope this review helps and thanks for stopping by my blog. ^_^


  1. EXCELLENT review - and comparisons. I've the elf one and use it daily. It's great. But if the NYC has the same quality, then I wouldn't be so reluctant to try. Good packaging is important though, but for the price, it's worth it.


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