Monday, February 8, 2010

My Lady Gaga Inspired EOTD

MAC Painterly Paint Pot

L'Oreal HIP eye shadows 

Apply the beige color from Flare e/s on the lids and brow bone

Apply the Khaki color e/s on the crease and a little bit pass the crease


Apply the matte brown color from Foxy e/s on the outer V, above crease, and lower lash lines
Apply a matte black e/s on your outer v and a little bit on the crease (I used NYX single e/s in Black).

Use MAC kohl pencil in Feline to line both the top and bottom lash lines and water lines.
Smudge the top and bottom lash lines a bit for a slightly smokey effect

 Cut criss-cross false lashes into half and apply on the outer half of lash lines.


 Finished eye makeup. . . .


  1. this looks very pretty!! You are so good in blending! I need to play with my eyeshadows more. :]

  2. Thanks Iyah! Since I've been stuck at home because of the crappy weather here in VA, I've been practicing with makeup. Heck I'm so bored that the other night I found myself putting a clay mask on hubby..haha.

  3. RYC - the maybelline lippies are really great, I'd rate them right up there with the MAC ones I have. The pigmentation is great, I love the color payoff.
    They do have a very light smell. sort of an almondy/coconutty smell... idk, not too sure hot to descirbe it but I never even noticed it until I smelt them to see for you
    I think it's pretty moisturizing. Normally I HAVE to always put a type of chapstick under my lippies (even my MAC ones) but I find myself not bothering with these

    Hope this helps. Any more questions, feel free to ask :)

  4. the smokey looks really good on you, the falsies look nice, they def extend the eyelashes without making them look fake. hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up!


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