Saturday, February 16, 2013

End of Week Wrap Up! Haul time =D

Recently, I've been wearing my headbands this way, with the details of the headband just barely peeking through my hair. This one in particular is from F21 (Forever 21 outlet). I have it in two colors, light brown and pink and if I'm not mistaken the band is adorned with swarovski crystals.

I found this blending sponge by Cynthia Rowley at Marshall's the other day and it was about $5. It works rather well. I no longer have my beauty blender sponge because it got too dirty. I love how this one is way cheaper but pretty much accomplishes the same thing as the beauty blender sponge.

I wash this after every use because I find that if I don't wash the foundation off of it right away it tends to discolor the sponge and make it look...well...icky!

This is how it looks prior to the being wet. It's a small and dense little peach colored sponge.

Then after it is washed, the water is absorbed and it sucks it all up. I wring it out of course and dry it really well in paper towel.

Here's my latest haul from yesterday at Ulta. I love Ulta! I initially came there without a mission or a plan as to what I wanted to purchase but I ended grabbing a few things.

I know I am fairly late in this, but I wanted to try UD's Naked Skin foundation as I've heard many good things about this foundation. I also went ahead and purchased the Naked Flushed blush trio.

Here's how the foundation looked without flash. At first I thought it was too dark (got it at 4.0) but it seems to oddly match my skin. When I first swatched it on my wrist it was matched perfectly then oxidized after about 10 minutes, so I got a little worried about that.

What can I say about this product? Well it's a true liquid foundation but it's not runny. It feels very light weight but I would say that this is more of a light to medium foundation. It takes a few layers for this to be medium to full coverage but it is attainable. Even with a few layers (2 to 3) it doesn't feel cakey or heavy nor does it emphasize pores, fine lines, or dry skin. It's quite hydrating actually, which another reason why this is a must have.

The UD Flushed blush trio is encased in a palette that comes with a mirror. The colors look straightforward in that they look exactly the same on the pan as when applied on the skin. The pink blush color is highly pigmented, just as the bronzer and the highlighter.

The highlighter is gorgeous, my favorite out of this trio. It gives a very subtle kiss of highlight to the skin (when applied well). The bronzer is OKAY, not bad but not out of the ordinary either, just a typical bronzer sans glitter.

I bought this lace burgundy shirt and a couple pairs of earrings from Forever 21. Lace is in so I thought why not?

Some Valentine's Day pictures I'd like to share...I'm so lucky to not only have a love of a man but also the love of a beautiful, kind hearted daughter.

From hubby, red roses, a balloon...
and yummy cake from our favorite Korean bakery. 

That's it for today's blog post. Have a great weekend!

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