Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sally's Haul and Cheap Idea for a Vanity!

Hey ladiessss!!! here we go now..uh uh lol...seriously whenever I say "hey ladies" I feel like I'm doing an intro for clubbing music! hahahahah Okay enough of my silly-slash-nerdy antics...onto to the Sally's haul....

I went to Sally's on Monday and bought this Palladio rice powder. I can't recall the exact price but I think it was around $5.

It comes with a square puff (cheap kind) and the container itself is made out of hard card board.

2 most important things about this powder....Non-comedogenic which means it won't clog pores (thus possibly reducing the occurrence of pimples) and it is NOT tested on ANIMALS

So I got the powder in warm beige. They have about 2 other colors available and 1 that's translucent. The powder is very finely milled and soft.

At first, I thought that the color would not match with my skin tone but after blending the powder thoroughly, it sorta just melted into my skin without making it look cakey or powdery. So blending is definitely key.

This is how it looks once can't even see the powder but it does a great job giving a matte look.

I also purchased two (2 for $10) china glaze nail polish colors in Temptation Carnation and Heaven. Although they seem like the same color, they are actually very different. As you can see from the bottle, Temptation Carnation (left) gives off a pink sheen while Heaven is more of a muted cream-peach color.

I'm wearing Heaven... ^_^

Now onto the inexpensive Vanity idea. So I have been shopping around online and in stores for a vanity and aside from IKEA, I have yet to find a vanity that will not cost me an arm & a be frank I don't want it to even cost one arm or one leg! Haha...again with my weird attempts to entertain you!

So I got this utility desk at Walmart for $25! The brand is called Mainstays. It took my hubby not even 15 mins to put this thing together. I tried to put it together myself but after warning him about a mishap with an IKEA bookshelf that I once put together, he knew better not to let me assemble this on my own..LoL

My hubby also attached the simple square mirror on the wall and it's also by Mainstays and it was around $10. I purchased the smaller mirror with two different magnifications at Costco for $25.

I forgot to take a picture of the flourescent tube light bulb (also purchased at Walmart for around $6) but hubby basically screwed that on the bottom of the shelve. The bulb was encased in this acrylic boxey looking container with a built in switch, so all you have to do is plug it in. It's usually used for under the kitchen cabinets for lighting the counters.

This is my office desk that I can finally designate as my workspace for studying. It really sucked having to put makeup on the same desk where I study so I'm glad I finally filed that divorce.

I leave you with my "weird cat lady" moments....

My cat is actually biting me on this pic but playfully.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!


  1. your vanity area looks pretty!! i love the standing mirror :D

    and lol @ weird cat lady moment.XD

  2. i'm loving the vanity idea, what a cute and cheap way!

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