Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair Growth + Fringe + Food Porn

Hey chicas! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas holiday with their loved ones like moi. It was my first Christmas with hubby in my life.
Hope you guys like these pics I took from my mac book. SWEET! I cut my own fringe the day before X-mas...just got kinda bored...and I was feeling kinda weird about my forehead. (LoL)
Anyways, onto the hair growth situation. For those of you who might be thinking okay this is probably another false hope type of thing but trust me when I say that it's NOT.

It seems like my hair grew 5 inches overnight or's still unbelievable to me how much my hair has grown in the past month! After living with the regret of chopping off my long hair, I decided I will just move on from it and try to make the most of it by spiking it or doing some cool styles that I would not be able to do with long hair. To be honest, I was going through a relationship coma and I thought cutting my hair would wake me up...bad idea! So please ladies if you are dealing with a butt head...don't take it out on your precious hair! Instead do some retail shopping or invest in a punching bag...better yet take on a new hobby. If none of these things work for you then maybe, just maybe it's time to move on!

Forgive me for divulging into matters of the heart. Let's not get sidetracked here. So yeah about the hair...I've been searching for sooooo many products and ways to make my hair grow longer at a faster duration. I've tried Mane & Tail shampoo, oil treatments, mayo treatments, trimming my hair a bit...heck I was starting to feel like my hair might have been snubbing me after I chopped off so much.
I even decided to ignore it! Just don't even look at it or curl it. Don't even get me started on the money I invested on hair extensions. I seriously succumbed to even making my own hair extensions as a way of saving some dough but that didn't work out.
In the end...the best way to grow your hair is to simply not shampoo it every freaking day. YUP that's all it takes ladies. As some of you know, shampoo (especially harsh shampoo) can seriously dry up your hair....well if it can do that to your hair what makes you think it won't do that to your scalp? Yes...all that good moisture and natural oils in your scalp is where your hair gets its nutrition from and by constantly using shampoo you are getting rid of the necessary moisture that helps to grow hair.
Sure you will probably say..."well what about the conditioners Julie?" Well...what about them really? I tell you...these days I even skip on conditioner...because conditioner can weigh your hair down, especially if you add other products in your hair. These days I just put on a pea size amount of my Chi Silk infusion oil and rub on my hair before I use my hair dryer.
Seriously ladies...I wash my hair every 2 days. If the thought of not washing your hair for two days is grossing you out, I believe there are dry shampoos out there that you leave in and don't have to wash off. By the way I use the Tsubaki shampoo (white bottle). ^_^

A couple of days before X-mas my sisters (plus one that we adopted as a blood sister although she doesn't know it yet haha) and myself decided to go satisfy our cravings of the good ol' NYC chinatown grub and of course some well deserve SHOPPING at the Mall of Manhattan. I copped a brow pencil in spiked and a MAC studio fix fluid foundation and some clothes.

Here are the lovely ladies...hehe..I hope they don't kill me for posting this. =P I took this pic as we waited for the Q train to canal st. going to HOP KEE Restaurant.
Now onto the food porn...WARNING: the following images might cause you to salivate uncontrollably, resulting to a seizure effect that might cause you autonomously travel to NYC ASAP! lol

This was my favorite! The duck with lychee and pineapple...makes me wanna drool at the thought of it. FOODGASM!!! NYAHAHAHAH

This was good too...Scallop with bamboo shoots, mushrooms and snow peas.

Oh man...another mouth watering dish! This is a pork chop dish with slices of spicy green pepper.

Of course...gotta have some rice! We had this delicious serving of veggie fried rice and white rice. We drank hot tea to warm us up after walking in NYC for hours.
The servers at the restaurant also gave us 2 free boxes of Jasmine tea and Woolong tea.

Well that's all she wrote.

Tah-tah for now!

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  1. You look great girl! :) I want to cut my own hair as well! :D


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