Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week Wrap up + e.l.f. haul

So first the e.l.f. haul. Ta-daaaa! (cheezy I know..oh
1 35SHPFREE Free Shipping on any purchases $35 or more
1 7777 Large Red Gift Bag with White Tissue
1 81203 dark
1 81603 ivory/dark
1 83601 blushed/bronzed
1 84002 Complexion Brush
1 83701 Warm Bronzer
1 83801 Complexion Perfection
1 84011 Blush Brush
1 83134 Mellow Mauve
1 81129 Amethyst
1 83153 Buff
1 85011 Kabuki Face Brush
Everything (from the studio line) = $35 w/ the free shipping
Right now I believe e.l.f. has a holiday promo going on BOGO (buy one get one) 50% off! EGBOGOHALF is the code ladies!

I got a face powder in buff...this was actually smooth in texture, not too powdery. Reminds me of MAC blotting powder except it's not as sheer/translucent.

I got one eye shadow called Amethyst. This was very pigmented. I would definitely use a base to get the eye shadow's full color potential.

I got one blush called Mellow Mauve. I did some research in youtube and some people are claiming that this is similar to famous NARS Orgasm blush...but after doing a swatch and actually wearing them both..the Mellow Mauve blush is actually more pigmented and darker compared to the Orgasm blush. Plus Orgasm blush is more shimmery and is more on the peachy side.

Here's a pic of mellow mauve (left) and Orgasm (right)

This is the blushed/bronze duo which is comparable to the NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo. I don't own the NARS duo so I can't really compare but this e.l.f. duo is actually very pigmented.

The blush from the duo is probably more similar to the Orgasm blush than Mellow Mauve.

I got this Warm Bronzer and I love it! The darkest color is a great sculpting powder and the one on top of that can be used as a blush. This quad is so versatile and is a definite must-have.

I've heard so many good reviews about this powder...I'm not that crazy about it. I think this would be better for people who have good skin but just wants a more even skin tone. If you have pimples and you use this on top of concealer, it will cake. One brush swipe picks up a lot and I mean A LOT of powder, which is another reason why I'm not too crazy about this product.

So I got this "Treat & Tame" brow gel duo in dark. The "Treat" part is suppose to help you grow out your brows faster and the "tame" part pretty much does what the name says. I haven't really used this enough to make a proper mini-review on it so I will update you guys on this product after I've used it more.

I will tell you this...when I used the "tame" brow gel, it kinda made my eye brows look lighter.

I bought this Eyebrow Lifter & Filler in Ivory/Dark.

It comes with a pencil sharpener built into the cap which is such an innovative idea. The pencil is kinda difficult to use as a brow pencil because it's too big (the size of a NYX jumbo eye pencil)

I do love the "lifter" part of this duo pencil. It really gives a nice lift to my brows.

Onto the brushes....First of all the brushes are SUPER SUPER SUPERRRRRRRR SOFT! Softer than MAC!
I got this kabuki brush cause' it kinda reminds me of MUFE's kabuki brush. This brush is not ideal for buffing because the hairs are too long and too soft. It's also not full enough for buffing. However, there are many other ways to utilize this brush. I think this kabuki brush is better used for sweeping away fall outs, putting on setting powder or loose bronzer (or any other loose powder).

I purchased this complexion brush and I really like it! It reminds me of one of MAC's brushes although I can't recall the number and I'm too lazy to look it up (lol)

This is nicely crafted brush. The ferrule is a sleek black metal color and has an indentation that prevents hair fall outs). The handle is also black and is labeled. It also comes with a protective plastic sleeve.

This is the blush brush. Again, very soft...nicely tapered. Same sleek design as the complexion brush but smaller in size and not as full. I wouldn't use this as a blush brush. I think this is best for applying highlighting powder and liquid foundation.

My hubby went to BIG Lots to buy hangers and he saw this at one of the clearance bins. It's basically the e.l.f. eye set.
It comes with a duo mascara in regular and waterproof, a brow and lash gel duo, and a brightening eye liner.

Week wrap up:

Monday - did group oral presentation and research paper for Micro

Tuesday - Picked up over due and long awaited e.l.f. package at USPS, contemplated going to school to study for finals (epic fail because got sidetrack watching Redbox dvds "Julia & Julie is the bomb!), got invited to hubby's friend's house, played call of duty with hubby and his friends, errrr some green (whistles), hoped that the pouring ice/rain will postpone Wednesday classes, got an e-mail about a student in my school who fired a gun at professor for giving him a bad grade (no one was hurt)

Wednesday - School is cancelled because of the incident from Tuesday, folded clothes, finished SDV 3 page paper for career interview, made a quick trip to Office Depot for blank ink printer cartridge, stopped by local poker game to play for free, ate the best shrimp alfredo ever at the poker/restaurant/hotel place, went home to print out SDV paper

Thursday - stopped by 7/11 for a sandwich, did an oral presentation and handed over paper for SDV, reviewed for pharmacology final (next week), will soon be working on SDV journal entry numero cinco, will heat up a hot pocket as soon as done blogging

Friday - study for finals, do take home assignment (1/2 final) for micro, chill (?)

Saturday - possibly go to hubby's cousin's friend's party if not too lazy...

Sunday - chill some some more for finals...

Some FOTDs..

These days, I just keep it simple and sweet. I just wear my hg mascara (Cover girl lashblast), Nivea lipgloss, MAC studio finish concealer topped off with MAC mineralized duo in Medium/Dark, bronzing powder, and MAC brow shader...


  1. Nice haul! I should definitely try some ELF products! The bronzer looks good, and I've heard good things about that corrective powder (=

  2. Thanks Gaby! I think the must haves from this haul are definitely the bronzer, all three brushes (esp. the complexion brush), the brow pencil (the highlighting end), and the blushed/bronzed duo. ^_^


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