Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Year Older & Some Food Pon

Hey there! I always try to be as enthusiastic as I can here on blog, despite feeling a bit under the weather lately which I know is unfortunate given the nice temperatures we've been having lately. I turned another year older last Saturday, April 2nd to be precise.
My sister Grace came for a visit which is always a wonderful thing. Life gets more brighter whenever she's around.
I wanted a more laid back birthday celebration, but in all honesty, I wasn't even sure if I wanted to celebrate it at all. Usually, I would have fun reflecting on what I've accomplish so far in my life and I would get a sense of fulfillment. However, this time I wasn't exactly too proud of myself for some reason. Aside from going through my first pregnancy, there's really not much else I could think of.

Anyways, hubby, Mia and I went to pick up my sister in DC. Then we ate at this AWESOME restaurant called Matchbox (the one in Capitol Hill). Here's some pics from that lil' trip!

We ordered their infamous sliders and they were delicious! You get a choice from three types of cheese or without any cheese.
We also tried their Fire & Smoke pizza. This was too spicy for my taste but I did try a slice and it was really yummy. We ordered another pizza...hmm..but I can't recall the name. LoL I guess that means it wasn't that good. =P
For the dessert, we ordered this chocolate chip banana bread pudding with bananas and caramel sauce.
My sister Grace holding my daughter Mia. ^_^
The day before my birthday, we decided to start an early drinking celebration at home.
Grace was the bartender for the night
 Cute colored drinks!
I took half a shot of Bacardi 151 in this.
We had some green and orange jello shots.
Goldilocks Chocolate cake. This pink lotus looking candle is actually very innovative! You light up the middle and it becomes almost like a straight shooting firework! Then the candles get lit up and the flower opens up, twirling to a happy birthday music. You can get this at Party Co.
I cooked some pancit. When I was young, my dad use to always cook pancit and pinakbet whenever someone in the family had a birthday.
On the day of my birthday, hubby, my sister, hubby's two cousins (Danny and Sandro) and I all went to play pool at Fast Eddie's. It was a great night despite feeling some separation anxiety from my daughter.
The next day, we dropped off my sister so she can catch her bus back to Jersey. Hubby took me to Georgetown Cupcakes. I've always wanted to go there and try their cupcakes ever since I saw their show DC Cupcakes.
There was a long line and the wait was about 45 minutes to an hour.
The inside of the bakery wasn't as shabby as I thought it would be. In fact it looked kinda cramped.
The cupcakes ARE delicious! This was their strawberry cupcake.
Cherry Blossom cupcake
My faves from the dozen that we ordered are the chocolate ganache, cherry blossom, strawberry, and peanut butter. YUM!

My sister took me shopping for my birthday. I got some clothes and a bag. 
 Tyler Rodan Zebra print green bag
The inside is leopard print and it comes with a matching umbrella.
Kat Von D Palette/book, frog washcloth, frog bathroom sticky thingies, and Sephora Urban Decay Box
I love this gift from my sister. I didn't even know it existed and my sister almost kept it for herself lol because she wanted one too but it sold out so quickly!
The eye shadows are gorgeous and highly pigmented! I will be doing a review on this palette as soon as I can get myself to actually use it. I'm really skeptical about using the eye shadows because it's a limited edition palette and the packaging is so intricately made. I feel like I want to preserve it!
High voltage eye primers!
Roller ball perfume
I have been lemming to try the other Urban Decay Primer potions and now I get to finally do so!

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