Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waterproof Foundation & Peach Blush

Hey there! So I took a break from posting but here I am again with another haul. I'm very excited to share these products that I purchased from Sephora. I wanted to get at least two things so I can take advantage of the FREE shipping if you spend $50 or more. I also wanted to get the birthday gift since I am a beauty insider member! Plus, I've been doing much research on a GOOD waterproof foundation.
It's hard to believe that this Limited Edition Korres Poyz blush is on sale for only $10 when it is normally sold for $24. This along with 3 other colors are available for that price but they do have a wider selection of colors being sold at regular price.
Peachy Orange blush described as a golden peach.
The texture is really smooth and soft. Not powdery at all. I'm so sorry but I forgot to swatch this. No worries though, I have an FOTD at the end of the post where I am wearing the blush.
However, if you still want me to swatch it, just let me know.
I'm in love with this foundation! I think it's definitely a must have for the summer. If you are looking for a GREAT, TOP NOTCH WATERPROOF me when I say that this is THE ONE!
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation 1.18 fl oz
It's a bit on the pricey side for $42 but in my opinion, it is definitely worth the splurge because it has a natural finish to it and it doesn't look cakey once applied.
It has medium coverage but you can build it up too for a fuller coverage.
It is a small tube containing 1.18 fl oz of product but a little goes a long way. The directions say to apply with a sponge but you can use whatever method you're more comfortable with.

There's only 8 colors to choose from which is a downside for such a great product. 
I'm an NC 40 to 42 in MAC so I picked Cashew Beige.
When I first saw this sticker that says "Shake Well" I was in disbelief because I was thinking, "how on earth can I shake something that's in a tube?!" Usually, when a product is in a tube container, the automatic way of dispensing the product is by squeezing it. However, this tube is made of hard plastic so it's not something you can squeeze. You will need to remove the thin aluminum covering the opening of the tube because it acts like a vacuum seal. Once removed, then you will be able to hear the liquid moving around as you shake the container.
I decided to test it out. It looks a little bit darker on me but I think it's okay because my skin will darken anyways during the summer. It has a creamy liquid consistency and is easy to apply. It does not have any shimmer but does give a healthy looking finish.
I decided to test it out and see if it will smudge with water.
As you can see the water just glides off! AMAZING
This is how I look with just the foundation on my face (no powder or concealer)
I am wearing the foundation and the blush in this picture. If you are wondering what I have on my eyes, it's basically three eye shadows & the black eye liner from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

On another note, I know I've been telling you guys how I will post a video or a picture heavy blog post regarding my current makeup collection and organization but I've decided to break it down because there's simply too many pictures and I don't want to over load you guys with pictures!

Tomorrow, I will post my Foundation collection and do a quick compare and contrast and mini review for each!

I hope you guys have a great weekend! Take care!


  1. That korres blush looks great. I would order from sephora but, for canadian orders shipping is free if you order $120 or more, which is insane! I'd rather just go to the store.

  2. WOW! That's crazy! $120 or more? Yeah if that was the case here I would go to the store too! I hope you like it if you decide to get it. =D


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