Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Home for Your Brushes

Hey there! So here I am with another post for you guys. This time I want to show you how I organize my brushes. I have about 6 different brands of brushes and I know...gasp! but seriously I love me some brushes! I have NARS, MAC, Stila, Sephora, Everyday Minerals, and Kirkland. Now, although most of them came in sets and the prices for each brand varied, I find that my top go to brushes are mostly MAC.
Although the Sephora brushes were in a set, sadly not all of the brushes get love from me. A few of them actually became defective after much use.

Anyways, today it's not really about the brushes, but more about where I store them. As you can see from the picture above, I use to store my brushes in these metal pencil holders that I purchased from Marshals. These containers are actually good but because they have holes on the sides, sometimes the smaller, thinner handled brushes would poke out of those holes or slip out. This didn't really bother me that much so by all means, if you like these type of containers then kudos to you, but today I found this. . . .
It's a spinning container! It was around $14 at Office Depot. It houses both my face and eye brushes perfectly. I also like the fact that it matches my vanity table because it has glass on the front of each triangular divide. Another cool thing about this baby is that it spins, so you can easily pick out which ever brush you want to use.
Here it is with my everyday brushes in it. 
On another note. . . .
This is nail polish is my love at the moment. I adore this color! It's a metallic gray color with a purple-pink iridescence to it.
It's from the OPI gLEE collection at Sephora.
 This is my nail 2 weeks after application. I know I need to redo my nails right. What's interesting about this color is that although it appears to have tiny green glitters, it actually gives off this purple-pink sheen at certain angles of lighting.

I will be celebrating my 26th Birthday this Saturday so that should be fun. I can't wait! My older sisters are going to come and celebrate with me. 
Now I leave you with my pink domo. . .meet Lil' Rawr

 Study, study, study

What the??!....Eh????! MATH?!


Well hello there Mr. Calculator....I like yer green color...so sexaaay! XOXO 

Have a great rest of the week! ^_~

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  1. This post was great... I love that brush holder!! I wish I could find that for here---but with a cover!


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