Sunday, March 6, 2011

Professional Website is Up!

Hello world. So I have some exciting news *dot* *dot* *dot* I now have my own professional website Julesmakeupstyle in conjunction to my makeup freelancing. SWEET right?
I still can't even believe it but yes, it's up and running! I hope you will all support me and visit my new website by clicking the link above. Oh and don't worry, I will still be updating this website with all the fun stuff. ^_^

I just got back from eating Korean BBQ and it was yum. My daughter is getting fussy now so I gotta hurry up with this short update and then straight to the bathroom to wash up. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
By the way, I have an exam tomorrow, but as soon as that's over I will be taking pictures and maybe a video of my ever growing makeup collection/organization.

That's it for now..tah tah! Oh and please don't forget to visit my website at

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