Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman MSF

A lot has happened these past few days. Most of the things I went through recently are more personal so I'd prefer not to divulge into it. On a lighter note, I have finally succumb into purchasing at least one thing from the latest but not the greatest collection from MAC. The Wonder Woman collection that was released some time this month was had some okay colors, that in my opinion, can easily be duped given the effort.

What really caught my attention is the gigantosorous sized packages. So yes MAC you did do your thang in that perspective!
I purchased the MAC Wonder Woman MSF in Pink Power. It is $35 for 20 grams of product. Compared to the norm msf, this has twice as much product for $7 more than you would usually pay for. Sweet deal!
Now for the not so sweet aspect of it...
The powders inside the compact are a trio that are meant to be applied separately. I can understand packaging them this way if the trio can be applied all together, but they can't. As you can see from the picture, the powders are all right next to each other which means the colors can easily get mixed together even when you are only just trying to use one of the colors. Also, can you imagine how the powder will look as a whole if you end up hitting pan on one color?
Another down side to the packaging is the lack of a nice mirror. The compact is big enough, so why not add a mirror?

Aside from those two things, the colors are very NICE. I love this trio. I mean the blush and the highlighter are gorgeous. I love that they are not made of chunky glitter, but instead it has fine shimmer. The bronzer is also beautiful and does not look muddy.
The powders are actually creamy and not chalky at all. They stick right onto the skin very smoothly.
If I could get another product from this collection it would most likely be the MAC blush in Mighty Aphrodite because the color pay off is great and it's not too over the top looking.

I can't wait for MAC's Quite Cute collection to come out on April 7th! It's my birthday month so I'm very excited to get some stuff from the collection. I particularly like the blushes, the quad, and a couple of lippies!
If you want more info on the Quite Cute collection go to Temptalia.

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