Friday, June 5, 2009

Huge Eye Lash Haul from Ebay

Hey pretty ladies! Happy Friday!!!! So I received my e-bay haul today.

I hauled this from ebay seller


Each set was between $5 - $8, but you can get 10 pairs for $2 and some change w/ free shipping. Just browse around through her ebay store.

Sorry ladies the pictures are a lil blurred on certain areas cause' I was using my bf's camera w/ the Macro lens attached. I would have taken off the lens but didn't wanna break it or something.

So I 40 pairs...4 styles that were contained in the above bigger boxes...w/ a free glue.

10 pairs of these feathered looking ones

10 pairs of my fave kind of falsies...the criss-cross

10 pairs of these seperated/criss-cross/feathered

10 pairs (big box) Criss-cross. This is more ideal for everyday wear I think cause their shorter.

10 pairs...this is best for glam looks

10 pairs...these are tapered feathery lashes

10 pairs...more simple ones...but also works.

Free Glue...I like the packaging...but I don't think this is for the falsies...cause I saw there was this fork looking thingy inside the box...I think it's like a Koji Eye Talk.

Anyways, I know you ladies might be wondering why in the world I bought so much falsies. The thing is, I have long lashes since my mom decided to cut them when I was a baby...but I wanna learn to apply falsies better. Practice makes perfect! Plus I will be including this on my future contest prizes and giveaways. ^_^


  1. omg! i think im in lashes heaven.. haha love it! so jelousss!! i only have like 5 pairs.. lmao.. &whoa is that really true when u cut a babys lashes it grows longer? lol ive heard that before! i think im going to cut my daughters own then.. haha

  2. oh... lashessss!! they all lokk fab! i love lashes too!

  3. WOW!! I will go check this seller out! Thanks and great haul!! :D

  4. Thats enough lashes to last you forever!!

  5. I'm in need of a few lashes, but If I hauled this much. . . I think I'll be set for the rest of my life. This is an amazing haul! Thank you for sharing! Now I gotta check out their ebay shop.

  6. oOoh, I love the lashes! <3 There are so many!!

  7. Wow! That's so many lashes. I bought one of the boxes too - but I just recently gave it away for a giveaway because I don't think I would be able to use it well. =S Eeeeks.

  8. Woww... what a haul! Look at these yummy goodies!

    Love everything you got... especially the hair sheet thingy, the e/s palette and the Beautymaker Serum! ;)


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