Sunday, May 24, 2009

Clarisonic Overview w/ Boscia Cleanser, Nee's HK Giveaway, and Party Pics

Hey lovely ladies! Hope everyone is having a GREAT memorial day weekend so far! I wanted to do separate blog entries in hopes of not consuming too much of your time, but I decided what the hey! I'm just gonna condense it all in one cause' I'm a lazy bum! haha.
First off. . . .I've decided to enter Nee's Hello Kitty Giveaway! Check out her fabulous blog!
All you have to do is answer one simple question. . ."What is your favorite Hello Kitty item that you own?"
In my case, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEE my HK Tee. I got this at Metropark. What I love about it? Welll....let's see I love the fact that Hello Kitty is a nerd! I think there's a lil' nerd in all of us beauty babes. I like the "talk nerdy to me" phrase because it adds a comical twist to the "talk dirty to me" cliche!

Good luck to all the people entering this giveaway! *hugs*

Now as you guys know, I've been religiously using my pink Clarisonic for the past week now. It has seriously become my staple skin cleaning/clearing tool! I cannot stress enough how wonderful this tool is because in a matter of one week my pimples has cleared up! I think the only issue I have is trying to find a better cleanser to match with it. Since Clarisonic clears your pores, any product that you apply after or while using the brush is crucial because it's what sinks into those newly opened pores. I tried using my Philosophy cleansers, one for the acne and the other is just regular/makeup removing cleanser....however I've experienced some dryness when using both. I decided to switch to this Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel ($21). What's great about this Cleansing Gel is the fact that it doesn't dry up and it actually protects the natural barrier of your skin!

Purifying Cleansing Gel
A refreshing, soap-free makeup remover and cleanser derived from amino acid to deep clean your skin while protecting its natural moisture. Hydrangea Leaf thoroughly, yet gently, purifies and refines the appearance of pores. A powerful antioxidant, Jojoba Leaf and a unique anti-irritant, Willowherb, combined with therapeutic Green Tea, will calm and combat free radical damage, preventing the visible signs of aging. Radiate health and beauty with boscia.
(picture and info. courtesy of

Partayyyy pics! I did Nat's makeup...I kept it simple as she requested. She really likes how I do cat eyes. I just brushed a lil bit MSF in Gold deposit to the apples of her cheeks, her nose, chin, and her d├ęcolletage. As for moi, I used my Novel Twist Cool Eyes Palette (Phloof on tearduct and brow bone area, Novel Twist on eye lids, Deep Truth on outer V, and Beauty Marked on crease and above of Deep Truth).

I dabbed a lil' bit of peach toned concealer under her eyes to brighten and conceal any dark spots.

She's goofin' around with the guys.

I drew the drunken frog on the finished Patron bottle. It's been kinda like a tradition with us to get a patron and drink it all up then write any birthday wishes or comments on it.

It was a great party! Good times... ^_^


  1. love that HK tee too! you both look pretty babe!

  2. Haha cute shirt! You look very sexy

  3. oohh patron! that's wut killed me hehe!

  4. no problem!
    i love smashbox but I need to not buy anything right now haha.

    let us kno whow the halo works out!

  5. lol the shirt is cute. looks like you had fun with everyone & your skin looks great!

  6. aw..... u love kitty ??? :( do you love doggies ?... cos i am a to blog for pretty girls like you. Visit me at i am the one with my 2 hands up. with the pink gun pointing at my tummy.


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