Friday, May 1, 2009

MAC Haul + Ponds Face Wipes

Love Rocks

Grand Duo

I actually first used this when Jes sent some my way in a love pack. I used it when I went to Florida.
I didnt' even need to use eye makeup remover because a couple towelettes of this was enough to remove all the makeup from my eyes and face. I especially like the fresh, clean smell from this product. It's highly affordable and you get a 30 towelettes. I have acne prone skin and after using this, I don't have any allergic reactions or breakouts.
I don't like the packaging because it's soft plastic not hard plastic like the Neutrogena one. In order to get a towelette you have to peel the designed openning flap and stick it back on to close, so it's likely for the towelettes to dry up if you don't properly close it.
I would buy this again because it's quality product for an inexpensive, affordable price. I would just transfer it to a different container to keep it from drying up.

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