Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hello Pink Clarisonic--Bye Bye Pimples! Haha

After a whole week (seems like a year!lol) of soul searching, I finally decided to go ahead and make an investment that will improve my worsening skin situation.
I have dry patches from the dried up pimples and the pimples keep comin'...eeep!

Look at this cheap excuse for a sample!? After I spent $235 you'd think Sephora would be more giving...-_-

I also got this Philosophy On a Clear Day face cleanser ($25) for clearing up the acne. Lots of great reviews on this and I will soon do my own review.

Very neat packaging I must say!

I got the pink one because for every purchase of the pink one the company makes a donation to Breast Cancer foundations. I for one, had many love ones battle this illness so this was more of a personal matter rather than just color preference. The price for this is $195 but I believe that when this product first came out it was a little bit over $200.

This is what's in the box...I laid it all out. You basically get the manual inserts, the handle w/ the detachable brush head (must be replaced in 90 days), you get the charging dock w/ power adapter, a plastic cap to cover the brush head, and 3 mini cleansers. Also, the SA told me that I can return this even without the receipt if I'm not happy with it.

I haven't heard much about whether these cleansers are good or not, but a lot of people are using their preferred cleanser.

Here is a side by side comparison of the brush next to my fix+ spray. Although it may look bulky, it's not heavy at all. It's perfectly maneuverable!

Photo w/ the attach plastic cover to keep the brush from contaminants.

The brush is very soft! I thought at first that it would be comparable to the texture of a tooth brush but it's no where near! These are super soft...perfect for those with uber sensitive skin like moi.

So for the next two weeks, I'm going to be religious about using this each morning and evening. Heck, I might even pile on some makeup and dirty up my face just to test the power of this baby! LoL


  1. so you purchased it! plz let us know how it worked! i love that its piiink! hehe

  2. Lemme know how the clarisonic works for you :)

  3. cool! You got it!! :) Please make a review like a weekly basis and see if its working.. I'm still contemplating bec of the price *sigh*

  4. Yeah sure! I'll do a review each week! I used it last night and this morning and I just love it!

  5. Hey! I've been following this girl on youtube for a while and maybe you'd be interested in the clarisonic tutorial and VS sun review.



  6. Yay! Another Clarisonic user! I got one a few months ago and I love it. I did a review on it as well. Hope you like it!


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