Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cupcake & Clarisonic Review Snippet

Just wanted to share some cupcake creations. . .these have walnuts in them and are kinda crunchy on the outside but soft and gooey inside. Oh my my sweet tooth!
UPDATE- - - -

So since I purchased my Clarisonic, my complexion has significantly improve. This is the best skin cleaning tool I have used by far and trust me when I say. . .I HAVE USED PLENTY! We are talking from Proactive to Clean & Clear, I've had microdermabrasion done as well.
I use my Clarisonic w/ both the regular and acne formula philosophy cleansers. I have tried using my Kracie Naive Rose Cleansing lotion but it was not compatible. I think for this brush, I would definitely stick with a light cleanser with a foam consistency or maybe just apply a small amount of cleansing lotion, otherwise your skin will dry up.
I use the clarisonic brush once every night and every morning. After I use it, my skin feels sooo soft and clean. I was amazed when I first used it! I didn't even have to use moisturizer. Also, my makeup goes on smoother. The dry patches went away and it gets rid off white heads and black heads.

I know it hasn't been a week yet but so far so good!
I'm working on the Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Airbrush foundation by the way. ^_^


  1. Omg, your cupcakes look so good! I which I could decorate like you

  2. Yummmmm. Everyone is all into baking cupcakes (me on the other hand, I like to purchase boutique cupcakes) Send some over please!!

  3. Thanks for the love ladies! ^_^ Hooorayyy for cupcakes.

  4. oh man i want a clarisonic sooo bad! your skin looks amazing. and those cupcakes are so cute!!

  5. SOunds like a great tool!! I think I wanna invest on it too.. ahaha!

  6. I've been wanting to try Clarisonic forever but I can't justify it haha.

  7. omg yummmmy cupcakes! im glad that clarisonic worked well for you! your face lookin flawlessss

  8. those cupcakes look SO delicious!

    i'm a HUGE fan of the clarisonic as well! i hardly wear foundation anymore since i've been using it...just tinted moisturizers and powder. best skincare product ever! :)

    btw, did you bypass the whole purging process? if you did, you're one lucky gal!

  9. Your eyes look so cute! ;)

  10. hehe "talk nerdy to me" I love it!


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