Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Brown Box

Hey peeps! So today's weather was pretty gloomy and all sorts of bad happened to me today. Firstly, I woke up from a really bad nightmare of my little brother's body being separated from the torso by wild forest animals (this is what happens when I watch scary/gross shows before going to bed...hubby was watching this show 1000 ways to die). To make matters worse, as I was getting ready for school I found a long white hair on top of my head! >_<  I don't even dare pull it out because 2 white hairs might grow in it's place. So I thought, "okay it can't get any worse..." but it did! During my break from class, I found out that the cafeteria was being completely closed off due to a mace that spilled or was sprayed. Luckily, no one was hurt but the mace was airborne and quickly made it's way to my class room since it was located next to the cafe. I started getting an itch in my throat and my professor decided to relocate us to the 4th floor library. I didn't feel well for the rest of the class period.

Finally, I got home from school and a brown box encased in a plastic clear bag was waiting for me by the door!
I was really excited because I knew that my Sephora order finally came! I only got one thing and it was the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. 3 (BOS 3). Available at for $54.

The colors are beautiful and vibrant and completely exceeded my expectations. Personally, I think these colors are perfect for fall because not only does it come with neutral colors but you have a choice of adding a pop of blue, green or purple. The colors are not too overpowering and definitely not intimidating. The only color that I would have preferred to be omitted from this palette is Uzi because to me it's too glittery and gives you lots of fall outs when used. Aside from that the rest of the eye shadows have either frost/metallic finishes (with the exception of one matte which is Perversion). BOS 3 also comes with two 24/7 Glide On eye pencils in Ransom and Zero, along with a mini Urban Decay Primer Potion to boot! Personally, I think it's a sweeter deal to get eye liners rather than eye makeup brushes/applicators.
I love the palette's design! I'm originally from Jersey (now in VA) but I go to NYC whenever I get a chance, so this was definitely a must have palette for me. The LED lights definitely adds life to the pop up NYC art, but I wish there was a way to shut it off so the battery doesn't get wasted.
This is the 4th Urban Decay palette that I own but it is my first BOS palette. The only eye shadows that I already have from this palette are Uzi, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Last Call and Smog. I'm sorry I can't provide swatches for you guys but there are already many swatches for this palette that are available online as well as videos on Youtube.
On another note, I am trying to do a "project 10 pan" which is basically a plan to use up 10 things (any beauty related product) before you make any future purchases. Some of the things, I've hit pan on are makeup removers, eye liners, mac msf, and a couple of face products. I know that's not exactly 10 but I'm almost done with a few other products and just didn't feel like waiting for this palette to get sold out again, so I just went ahead and made the purchase. Plus, I think that this purchase has become an incentive to keep going with my project 10 pan plan. =P


  1. the colours in this palette look so pretty!! i can't wait to check this out at my local Sephora. i hope they have it in stock! you're lucky to get it! :D

  2. Thanks Anita. Yeah I really like this palette, especially the eye shadows Haight, Kush and Radium. Good luck and I hope you do like it once you see it personally. ^_^

  3. Yes definitely gorgeous colors! Perfect for the Fall. =D


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