Friday, September 10, 2010

MUFE HD Foundation Haul + FOTD

Hello beautiful readers! So I went to Sephora today and finally succumbed to buying Makeupforever's HD foundation ($40) and a few other products. I've been such a good girl that I decided to go ahead and have a little splurge since I haven't done so in a longggg time! I figure I deserve to spoil myself especially during my pregnancy ^_~ which by the way is no picnic (25 weeks prego now).

So here are my FOTDs with the foundation on mi face...I'm loving it so far.

I was also gonna purchase the MUFE concealer palette (the one with the green corrective concealer) but the MA (also director of the Sephora branch) said I don't need a concealer because the foundation is medium to full coverage. Besides for having a couple of pimples on each side of my cheeks, the only issue I had was a bit of dryness and redness.

My MA recommended that I purchase a lip treatment to combat my dry lips. I'm not sure if it's the effects of pregnancy but my hair, lips, and areas of my face have become dry.  So anyways, I thought for sure he was going to show me Korres lip products but instead he guided me to the fresh lip products. He swatched each type of the Sugar lip treatments with SPF 15. I picked out the Rose Sugar Lip Treatment and it's my new hg lip treatment/gloss/tinted lip product. If you guys are iffy about dipping your fingers in a pot of Korres lip product then I suggest you try out the fresh sugar lip treatments ($36.50) instead. They are packaged neatly and securely, in metallic,pastel colored, twist-able packaging.  It doesn't have any discouraging after taste nor does it have a pungent smell. The smell at first is like a citrus type but later fades, leaving you with just ultra moisturized non-chapped lips. There are 3 kinds---a regular one and a couple of tinted ones in Rose and Plumb.
Besides those two products, I also purchased the Boscia Vital Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 and the Murad Acne Spot Treatment. The Boscia Vital Daily Moisturizer is $36.50. I know it's pretty expensive but I have used the cleanser before and it works very well. The packaging says it contains Olive Fruit Oil which protects, nourishes and seals moisture into the skin without clogging pores. It has Rice Bran Oil which strengthens skin to soften the appearance of fine lines (you may not have this but prevention is key!). It also contains Wine Yeast and Marine Complex to help protect against external elements.

I'm going to try out the Acne Spot Treatment in hopes that it will heal the only two pimples I have or any future breakouts. The acne spot treatment not only clears up existing breakouts but also prevents blemishes. It's $18 dollars for the 0.5 fl. oz.
I will most likely be doing a review on this and the Boscia moisturizer so be sure to look out for that.Well that's it for now! Gotta go wash off the makeup and relax. =)


  1. You know it! I wanted to buy a couple of NARS blushes but I just had to practice self control and it was soooo hard but I'm happy with what I walked away with. =D


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