Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lancome VS Belo Skincare

Hi there! So as promised, I am back with a new skincare review/comparison blog post. For today's review I have two products to highlight and compare, Lancome's Gel Radiance cleanser and Belo Essentials Pore Minimizing Whitening Face Wash.

Lancome Gel Radiance cleanser is $25 for a 4 Fl. oz tube. The product itself is of true gel consistency but is thicker compared to the Belo face wash ($9 - $10 for 100 ml). The Gel Radiance cleanser develops more suds (reminiscent of using a bar of soap to wash) so you only need a small amount, whereas the Belo one is clumpy and a lighter gel consistency.

The Lancome Gel Radiance cleanser starts off clear and suds  or gets activated with water. The Belo Essentials face wash is a gel cleanser with a tinge of pink hue to it.

One thing I noticed is that my face feels tighter after I use the Lancome Gel Radiance cleanser compared to the Belo. However, I also feel like my face is much cleaner and smoother after using the Lancome cleanser.

As far as the Belo's pore minimizing and whitening powers, well it's a dud (to me). I didn't really notice any whitening or pore minimizing reactions after using Belo essentials face wash. So that was a bit of a disappointment. I do like the fact that compared to Lancome's cleanser, it has a lighter scent. The Lancome Gel Radiance has a very obvious scent which might be a turn off for some people. I know that lots of times, people with sensitive skin tend to stay away from scented face products for fear of irritation or breakouts, but my face didn't have any adverse reactions (thankfully!).

The winner....

Although Lancome Gel Radiance has some cons (price, scent, and tightening effect), I really like that it cleanses my face thoroughly and leaves it feeling smooth. I also like that it only takes a small pea size amount to cover and cleanse my entire face.

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