Friday, January 6, 2012

MAC Haul in the Mail...Waiting

Waiting for my lil' MAC haul to come in the mail today! I am so excited...I haven't bought any MAC makeup for a while because I haven't hit pan on any of my current MAC products. I'm trying to be so good but the recent collection that came out was so tempting. I narrowed it to two products! I will update this in a few...(heart pounding, perspiring, fingers tapping, hahaha I'm kidding...=)

Can't wait for the package to arrive!

It's here!

So here's my lil' makeup loot! I got a lipstick (to add to my army of lippies) and a mineralized blush (yay for blush addiction!)

MAC Subtle Breeze Mineralized blush ($22 for .10 oz)

My first reaction after opening the package and seeing the blush is that it's completely different from all my other mineralized blushes from MAC. Without flash and under more natural lighting this blush is deceiving in that it actually looks more like a matte and reddish in color. It's highly pigmented too and has more of a semi-satin to matte finish (in my opinion). There's nothing "subtle" about the color pay off, in fact it can be intimidating to use because too much can be disastrous!

MAC A Perfect Day lipstick ($14.50 .10 oz)
I have a feeling that I am going to love this lipstick! It will be a love at first wear type of thing for sure. ^_^ It's a beautiful, elegant peachy color. It is unlike any of my other lipsticks so that's always a good thing. I love the finish, creamy and opaque. I would pair this with my Frankly Fresh lipglass from MAC.

Here are the swatches (top Subtle Breeze blush & bottom A Perfect Day lipstick)

Hope you enjoyed my lil' haul!


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