Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Night Out Look

Hey ladies! So the weekend is finally here...thank goodness...thought it would never come soon enough. So you know I had to go out and partayyy my arse off! Hahahha

I went out last night with hubby and cuzzy. We went to a club/lounge/billiard/bar place called Breakers. That place was awesome and I love how it's not TOO packed like some other clubs I've been to. It was a nice, cool ambiance and the drinks were not too expensive either.

I did a nice smokey green eye makeup and my Darkness falsies for the first time. For my face I decided to go with my MAC Studio Sculpt foundation, Chanel setting powder. I skipped on blush and just used MAC MSF in Gold Deposit to contour and add color to my cheeks.

I decided to curl my hair a bit just to add some style in my super straight hair.

Well that's pretty much it ladies...time for me to hydrate..cause you know drinking can dry you up like crazy. Tah tah for now chicas!


  1. im glad you had fun! i spent my friday night with my lil nephew watching yo gabba gabba over and over again lol.

    by the way, i love your makeup!

  2. This is cute~! I love how you're always sharing your night out looks with us :) & I like the curls in your hair


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