Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Be Haulin' Stila

Hello fabulous ladies! So I received my haul from beautycrunch...actually I was startled because the lazy-ass UPS dude threw the box at the door about 5 feet away from his truck! I was a little annoyed but good thing beauty crunch packs their packages with tons of bubble wrap and peanut shaped styrofoam thingys. Hooray for good packaging!

So here are the goods. . .

I've been wanting to buy the Stila smudgepot trio but it's always out of stock so when they did come back in stock, I decided to stock up lol. Needless to say the stocking up idea was a smart one because I didn't anticipate that these pots would be tiny!
Ok well they are 2 grams each
The trio is $12 (reg. price is $32) and comes with a small liner brush. The colors are black, bronze, and gray.

Here's a pic to compare a 3 g MAC fluidline with a 2 g smudge pot.
These lil creme gel liners goes on smoothly. The texture is creamy and they are smudge-proof! Pinkiecharm (from youtube) did a review on Stila smudge pots and she said that they have a good lasting power). I tried washing them off with water and they simply wouldn't budge.
The only disappointment from this haul was the dried up gray smudge pot. I e-mailed beautycrunch right away and even sent them pictures.
This is a pic comparing the dried up gray smudge pot to the other gray one that wasn't dried up.

I also purchased this Korean: Lovely Eye Talking Palette for $8 (reg. price $40).
The packaging is soft, silver cardboard.
If you push the little button, you will hear a woman talking in Korean.
The colors are Chinois, Sweetheart, Poppy, and Key.
The colors are vibrant, pastel colors...perfect for spring!

The palette comes with a little instruction paper.

Stila noire palette $12 (reg. price $32). This pic is the box.
The palette itself has a velvety fabric with flowers carved on it. This palette would have been perfect but it doesn't have a mirror and the eye shadows and blush are not labeled.
These are the nameless eye shadows and blush.
Nevertheless, the colors are gorgeous.

I also purchased this POP Beauty blush cake in Warm Sienna $7.20 (reg. price $18).
According to the beautycrunch site. . . .
Especially designed for golden, tanned & deeper sin tones. Playful orange based hues for a brightening effect. Swirl brush all over colors for the perfect pop of apricot.

5 stripes of cheek color - and each one has 5 tonally correcting colors designed to warm your complexion. Brings your face alive!! Triple milled & micro pulverized for super smooth, delicate and luxurious texture. Maximum silkiness, making the powder look like real skin.

Salmon, Apricot, Honey-Beige with Gold Shimmer, Golden Red Mango, Orange Nectarine
 I combined all the colors and this is the swatch that came out of it. . .

I also got a GWP (enter CRUNCHER as coupon code with purchase of over $50).
They gave me a stila lip glaze stick in Blackberry.
The original price is $16.50.
I thought it was gonna be too dark but this goes to show that appearance can be deceiving, even in makeup!
(*Note to self* Time to use sugar&honey scrub for chapped lips!)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far!

P.S.    I will be holding a contest very soon..probably by tomorrow I should have the contest info, rules, etc. post up here on my blog. This is gonna be so much fun!!!


  1. awesome haul jules! I love beautycrunch.com

    by the way, thanks for stopping by. your comment made me laugh lol

  2. Lovely Stila haul!! Their stuff esp their eyeshadow is wonderful. lol you dislike Vanessa Carlton? I think she's not bad, michelle branch's songs are definitely more catchy and lively though. I do like a thousand miles a lot when it first came out! Then she married the guy from third eye blind Stephen Jenkins booooo he was suppose to be mine lol


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