Monday, January 31, 2011

Sephora Hello Kitty Haul

The loot
I purchased three HK Liquid Nail Art, 2 in the color Minty and 1 in Banana Cream. Each are $10 and are pretty small in size. The colors I picked out are opaque because I don't really own any opaque nail polish colors. The only downfall to the HK Liquid Nail Art is that the consistency of the polish is streaky and it takes a few coats to get a nice, true opaque finish.
I also purchased one of the Apple Cheeks blush sticks in Blushing and the price is $22. This was surprisingly bigger than what I expected.
I really like this peachy color for my olive-medium complexion. The blush is very creamy and buildable. It gets lighter as you blend it but not to the point of erasing the color completely. If you want a subtle hint of flush then this would be perfect for you. I can foresee that this blush would be lovely with dewey looking skin.

I had points on my Sephora card so I used 100 pts to get this .25 fl. oz. HK perfume. I wanted to get the full size of the perfume but I didn't want to take a gamble because I may not like the "fruity" scent that other people are describing the scent to be. However, after smelling the perfume, I actually like it. I know it has a mix of notes but I can really smell a strong mandarin scent above all the others.
The bottle is cute too!

It's about the same size as the nail polish.
The only thing I don't like is the bottle cap. I wish they upgraded it to a spritzer cap instead.

Well that's pretty much my loot from the collection. Out of all these items, I really like the blush, perfume, and then nail polish (by order of "glad I bought it to I could go without it!")

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