Sunday, February 6, 2011

WLKTHRU: Bronze With a Hint of Purple

Hey there! I just wanted to share this look that I did a couple of nights ago. One thing that I'm learning as a new mom is that mom's don't have a lot of time to get ready, hence the infamous tag line "on the go mom." Even if you're not a new mom but just want a quick makeup look that's both fun and edgy at the same time, then you should definitely try this out for yourself.
This is the first out of many future "walkthrough" tutorials. 
Anyways, let me ask you this....when you think of "mom" what do you see her wearing as far as makeup goes? Plain and simple, nothing too out there right? Well, I think that that's a misconception especially with young moms. However, not all makeup looks are acceptable for certain occasions. If you're a mom just going for a night out with your hubby or even a lunch date with your girlfriends then this look is appropriate.

Apply moisturizer and face primer all over your face. While you let the primer settle on your face, you can go ahead and apply eye makeup.

  • Prime your eyelids. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and MAC paint pot in Rubenesque.
  • Apply your base color. In this case I used a bronze eye shadow (used Urban Decay Book of Shadows NYC eye shadow in Suspect). I mainly focused this on my lids.
  • High light your brow bone with a beige or yellow tone eye shadow (used MAC eye shadow in rice paper). Also apply this on your tear duct area.
  • Apply a matte black eye shadow on your outer corner, blend it but focus on the outer third part of your eye lid. 
  • Make sure to blend with light sweeping or swirling motions.
*TIP* Tap off any excess eye shadow especially if it's a dark color. You can always put some more later rather than having to start over because you put too much to begin with.
  • Line your water lines with a black eye liner. Water lines or inner rims of your eyes are the fleshy part of your eye lid (usually whitish in color). 
  • Take the same eye liner and line your TOP lash lines. Lash lines are above your top lashes and then below your bottom lashes, hence the name "lash lines." 
  • Seal the top lash line with the same matte black eye shadow (Urban Decay eye shadow in Perversion) you've used before. 
  • Then for your LOWER lash lines, line it with a purple eye liner and seal that with a purple eye shadow (Urban Decay eye shadow in Psychadelic Sister).
  • Apply foundation (I used NARS Sheer Matte). 
  • Apply concealer but only on the areas that need extra coverage (spot conceal)
  • This is optional but I applied MAC Mineral skin finish in Medium
  • Often, it's hard to decide whether or not you should put setting powder on first or blush. I think that if you are using powder blush that is very pigmented, you should apply the blush first then the powder so you can tame the color a bit for a more natural flush. 
  • If you are applying cream blush (like I did and I used Sephora Hello Kitty Apple Cheeks blush in Blushing), I suggest patting it on first with your finger tips and then lightly blending it in, then set everything by lightly tapping on the setting powder with a face brush (make sure to also tap off any excess powder before application). 
  • Curl your lashes and apply mascara the last so that you can avoid powder on your lashes. One of my pet peeves in regards to makeup is having to look in the mirror and seeing (under good lighting) that my setting powder is all over my eye lashes.
  • I usually sport thinner brows but my natural brows are more spread out but sparse and light at the same time. I know that thicker brows make you look younger as oppose to having thinner brows, but you also have to consider what works better for your face shape or just for you in general.
  • I really don't have time to pencil in my brows and make those tiny strokes to fill them in so I opted to just fill them in lightly with a brow powder. 
  • Another option is to use a brow filler that sets and grooms the brows all at the same time. A good one is MAC brow set.
  • For this look, I just kept it simple with my EOS lip balm in Honeydew. 
So that wraps up this simple, on the go look. You can skip on the purple eye liner if you want a more tamed down eye makeup.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

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