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June Birchbox, Baby Bullet, and Mia's Christening!

Wooohoo! Finally I get to blog! It's been soooo long I feel like I grew two white hairs while I was away from the beauty blogging world. A lot has happened, but I won't overwhelm you by going through all the details. Instead I will slowly give you snippets of all my little adventures.

First off, I received my June birchbox. For those of you who don't know, birchbox is basically a box full of sample goodies that you sign up for via their website! You can either pay a monthly fee of $10 or pay for the whole year. Either way, you will get a box each month. If you like any of the products, you can easily and conveniently purchase the full size versions at the website.

For this month, I was lucky enough to receive one full size product and a bunch of other sample sized products!
Here are the products that I received.
I was super excited when I got my box in the mail because I actually forgot about it. I usually check online and eagerly wait in anticipation but I guess this month has been really busy for me, so it was a nice little surprise.
For my full size product, I received a brand new Laura Geller blush n brighten in Honey Dipped!
I love the packaging. It is a compact with a convenient half moon shaped mirror.
This reminds me of MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Gold Deposit
This is an interesting hydrating face product. One that I can honestly say, I am intimidated to try out. I think it's due to the word molecular and other funky words that somehow makes me think of Chemistry or something high tech. =P We will see!
When I first saw this bottle of shampoo, I thought...what an interesting name! Hmm...with a name like that it's difficult to prevent the mind from wandering into the gutter. This sort of controversial branding/marketing is notoriously done by NARS (like their provocatively named blushes --Orgasm, Deep Throat and so on) and other cosmetic companies.
Anywayyssss...the cap wasn't on the bottle and some of the product was spilled on the tissue paper. Luckily, I was able to salvage the situation and put the cap back on and voila!...good as new!
Ah...the famous deborah lippmann who makes those awesome nail polishes. When I saw this I was ultimately excited. My nails are in need of some major dose of TLC so this will definitely come in handy. Plus, lavender is a relaxing scent that I adore.
When I hear the name Kate Spade, I think of purses and bags galore! twirl is such a cute fragrance name. 
I had mentioned before that I ordered myself the Magic Baby Bullet set (I took the guess work away from Hubby as he was figuring out what to get me for Mother's Day). I remember all those nights that left me awake till 5 am in the morning, taking care of Mia. I remember how I felt like a brainwashed zombie after watching the infomercials repeatedly shown, like a broken record on the t.v., but yes I did succumb to it and for once let myself fall victim and I've never looked back since.

What I love about it is the fact that's GREEN!'s a complete set of everything you need to make food for your baby...and one set get one free (but you have to pay a second shipping on the other set)...although I honestly think that I really just paid $70 something dollars for each set.

So here's what you get in one boxed set. You get one short cup and one batch size container which you attach to the power base with your choice of either a milling blade or a baby blend blade. You also get a spatula, a batch tray, a lid for the short cup, 6 Date-Dial storage cups, a storage tray, a user manual & cookbook, a pocket nutritionist, and a stay-fresh tiny tote.
A word of advice, do not use the spatula for the sweet potato, it will stain it orange! I also recommend using an orange bowl for the sweet potato instead of a light colored bowl (=*( oh my poor green bowl sniff* sniff*).
A Date-Dial storage cup stores about the same amount of pureed food as one of those Gerber baby food jars. You store these in the fridge and will stay fresh for three days.
Currently, I only use a set of the dial-date storage cups and two of the batch trays. The batch trays are stored in the freezer and stays fresh for a month. My daughter eats one to two baby bullets per day and she loves it! So far I have made her pureed apples, avocados, bananas, sweet potatoes, and carrots.
This is a batch of pureed pears. I boiled the two small pears with the skin still intact and removed the skin once cooled. You can use breast milk or formula to adjust the consistency of the pureed foods but I just use good ol' water that I buy at the store.
Here's a batch of sweet potatoes. I boiled one whole sweet potato/jeweled yam (skin on). Then I removed the skin and cut it into three, then blended awayyy. Again, I added water to get things moving.
I buy the veggies and fruits at Whole Foods to ensure that they are au natural aka organic!
The great thing about making your own baby food is that you know exactly what date you made them and what goes into them. 

On another (more important) note...Mia was christened last Sunday ^_^
Mia is turning 6 months this 20th but her teeth started coming out at 4 months. Is that odd? I know a lot of my friends claim it is highly unorthodox, I for one think it's wonderful!

 That's all for now ^_^ I will try my best to update some more!
Take care

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  1. Jules, your baby is just adorable!!! And omg that baby bullet is so cute. I didn't even know they made one.

    Oh and I was so happy with the full size Laura Geller blush inside my Birchbox :)


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