Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Demo & Review Face Secrets Professional Oil Absorbing Blotting Papers

Hi there! So here I am again, presenting you with information on a product that is truly a diamond in the rough especially for those with oily skin! Above is a picture I took of myself around 10 am this morning. I had just finished getting ready for class and my makeup is freshly applied.
Now, 9 hours later (7 pm Eastern Standard Time) can see that I have become oily enough to fry an egg! Yucky!
The Product: Face Secretes Professional Oil Absorbing Blotting Papers

Quantity: 150 blotting papers

The Price: $2.99

Coming to the rescue is my Face Secrets Professional Oil Absorbing Blotting Papers that I purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply for $2.99!!!! You get 150 blotting papers contained in a sturdy, plastic (purple) container.
PROS: The product promises to remove excess oils and dirt without disturbing makeup, prevents oxidizing of makeup (turning orange), and overall it keeps your makeup looking fresh! I love how the papers come in a convenient envelope-style packaging. Oh and the price for the quantity is simply a STEAL in my opinion!

CONS: Null! I can't possibly think of anything negative to say about this product (except maybe that the product's name is too long! haha). It does what it's suppose to and does a good job at it.

To Repurchase or Not to Repurchase: uh...yeahhh!!!

So here is a quick picture demo of me using this product. I must warn you that I get really oily will be surprise at the amount of oil that is absorbed by these magic sheets!

Ewwwwwww!!! Look at all the actually made the paper transparent! I told you this stuff is great!
Excess oil (aka sebum) is bad because it acts as a plug to your pores. This combined with dead skin attracts bacteria and thus a blemish is conceived! 
The paper was actually sticking to my cheeks! lol
Gurrrllll....that's a lot of oil! my pores can breathe! As you can see my makeup remained intact. My foundation did not smear at all or rub off and transfer to the blot papers.

Hope this review was helpful! Until next time....adios amigas!

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