Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hi there! I present to you my Happy Halloween Happy Face Belly Pumpkin!
So as you can see I decided to make my belly look like a happy pumpkin to get into the spirit of Halloween. I know my baby is not born yet but it doesn't mean she can't celebrate with everyone else. Anyways I hope you guys like my happy pumpkin and that you all have a safe, wonderful Halloween!
I used a bunch of my NYX Jumbo eye pencils. Coastal Scents 88 palettes, and MAC Melon pigment.
Well till next time! Take care! Hope you all get lots of candies. =D


  1. happy halloween Jules! what a cute idea!

  2. LOL! At first I couldn't tell it was your belly! So fun!

  3. AHAHAHHAHA, I LOVE THIS!!! ^___^ This is so cute! How creative of you Jules!! :D

  4. lol that is a neat idea I couldn't tell it was your stomagh until I read it!

  5. Yup ladies it's my belly alright. Haha I was so bored and couldn't party for Halloween like I use to so I figure why not celebrate my own little way. I'm happy you all liked it and I hope you all had a fun Halloween.


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