Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Insanity Progress 15 Days

So as promised, I am letting you guys in on my progress (so far) with the Insanity Workout. Above is a picture of my Fit test results from Day 1 (first day) and Day 15 (yesterday). As you can see, there is much improvement.
Above is a picture of the more challenging exercise moves. In day 1, I couldn't even do a single push up jack! It may not seem like a lot but doing at least a couple more than before is great! It's really all about the form when doing these exercises. If you don't do it the right way, it won't matter how many times or how fast you do it.

The following are pictures of my progress so far, from Day 1 to Day 15....this is a 60 Day program.
You will notice that I have a lot of stretch marks due to the pregnancy. I tried to be as diligent as I can when it came to slathering stretch marks prevention creams and oils but it wasn't as effective, but I did carry an 8 lb 6 oz baby in my tummy so yeah...you can imagine. Besides they are normal during pregnancy and symbolize motherhood. =)
Right now, I am using Bio Oil which has plenty of Vitamin E and it's helping fade out the stretch marks. Drinking plenty of water and toning up through exercise helps get rid of them as well.
I have lost 11 lbs in 15 days
This is a lifestyle change and no, I am not doing this for vanity's sake. I am doing this to get healthy and most importantly for my daughter, Mia. She motives me to better myself and try my best everyday.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. Take care and have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. Great job, hun! I've always wanted to do this. My girl friend did it before she got pregnant and she looked amazing!

  2. 11 lbs in 15 days! That's awesome. You look amazing. And yes, when I first started working out again, I couldn't do any push up but now I'm like "bring it on!" hahah
    it kind of feels empowering, no? :D
    Good to know you're making it a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix, I do think sustainability is key :D

  3. You go girl! I know you can do it. I have stretch marks on my lower waste and I haven't even had children yet. Imagine when I get preggos? they're gonna be doubled :( But it's cool, I don't care lol.

  4. Thank you ladies for the humbling positive comments. I really appreciate it. It definitely feels empowering both physically and emotionally. I've had stretch marks even before getting pregnant but when I got preggo, I feel like a bear literally attacked me overnight and scratched my belly...Hahahaha. You know what though...it's all part of the grand master plan of becoming a mother. =)

  5. Hi! I randomly stumbled onto your blog and I love it! Your progress over 15 days is amazing! Are you combining it with a diet or simply the videos? Keep up the good work!


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