Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quick Shoe Haul at Nordstrom Rack

Look what I purchased yesterday at Nordstrom Rack! I've always heard and seen Nordstrom Rack but I've never actually set foot inside this alien of a store, so yesterday was the first of many trips to come! I dropped off hubby for his soccer game and began my drive by shopping journey. Initially, intending to head to the mall...I noticed a plaza on my right and decided to go ahead and make a not so legal, abrupt turn. There I found curiosity beckoning my name at the sight of the huge lit up words...Nordstrom Rack.

After literally 5 minutes of just stepping inside, store closing was announced. Having had a chance to work in retail, I knew that once that announcement is made it is almost always customary to kindly leave the store as a gesture of consideration for the store employees aching to go home.
As I made my way out of the store, nonchalantly glancing about the shoe racks and particularly paying attention to the flats...I saw these gunmetal colored shoes that I knew I just had to try.
Ooooo Anne Klein....Size 8...nice...$49.90 even nicer! It was such a great deal in my opinion because these are probably the most comfortable, fashionable flats I have ever seen and tried out.
I didn't even notice the style name right away but it is AK7 JULIE <<<< My name! Clearly a sign that I was meant to have it.
It fits me like no other shoe and I love the rubberized outer sole that was also intricately designed with what looks like sunflowers. I also love that it has a little heel unlike most flat shoes out there.

I really appreciate all the detail that went into making and designing this shoe. The inner sole has small glitters, the outside glistened in that wonderful gunmetal color and the chain style on front gives it a more modern, edgy look.

I love my new shoes!
My feet are happy ^_^

You know what else makes me happy. . . .
Lychee flavored Pocky! Delicious as they were, I had to eat this stuff with restraint because it had 760 calories in one box! In fact, they are currently sitting in my fridge. (^_^)

How about you...what's your favorite snack?

Here's some pics of my Mia as we wait for our bubble tea...

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far.

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